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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Relating to reconnaissance

Reconnaissance (recce) patrols were the most effective solution that the British and Indian Army designed to identify Japanese units and their intentions, as these could move through the jungle without alerting the enemy to their presence.


I'm afraid you two will have to go on a bit of a recce sometime soon.


Take him down there with Entry Two and recce first. If he can't confirm it, we pull out.

reconnaissance (by shortening)
If you recce an area, you visit that place in order to become familiar with it. People usually recce an area when they are going to return at a later time to do something there. The first duty of a director is to recce his location. Recce is also a noun. Uncle Jim took the air rifle and went on a recce to the far end of the quarry. reconnaissance (reconnaissance)
{f} (Slang) reconnoitre
{i} (British informal) reconnaissance (military use)
Simple past of recce

I recce'd my range, which was intended to be used for pairs fire and manoeuvre, and generally got on with it.

Past participle of recce#Verb

A stout metal fence prevents any further exploration, but at the time the walk was recce'd you could hear water pounding away below.

Plural of recce
Third person singular of to recce