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İngilizce - İngilizce
Matter flowing from a wound or sore; pus
To suppurate; ooze with pus
One who quits

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

A fistulous wound at the top of a horse's foot resulting from bruises, pricks, or neglected corns
Scoria of tin
A deliverer
If you say that someone is not a quitter, you mean that they continue doing something even though it is very difficult. He won't resign because he's not a quitter. someone who does not have the determination or courage to finish something that is difficult
a person who gives up too easily
{i} one who despairs easily; one who gives up quickly; one who stops or abandons a task easily
plural of quitter

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    /ˈkwətər/ /ˈkwɪtɜr/


    [ 'kwi-t&r ] (noun.) 1611. From Middle English quitere, quitoure, whitour. Cognate with Low Saxon kwater, kwader (“rottenness”).

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