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İngilizce - İngilizce
A believer of the Quaker faith and a member of the Society of Friends, known for their pacifist views
{n} one of the sect of friends
A Quaker is a person who belongs to a Christian group called the Society of Friends. a member of the Society of Friends, a Christian religious group that meets without any formal ceremony or priests and that is opposed to violence
{i} member of the Society of Friends (Protestant Christian sect)
n Christian denomination founded in England c 1650 by George Fox They have no formal creed, rites,liturgy, or priesthoood, and reject violence in human relations, including war
The informal name for the Society of Friends faith group
a member of the Society of Friends
Any grasshopper or locust of the genus Edipoda; so called from the quaking noise made during flight
A person who followed the teachings of the Society of Friends
one who quakes and trembles with (or as with) fear
See Friend, n
The sooty albatross
One of a religious sect founded by George Fox, of Leicestershire, England, about 1650, the members of which call themselves Friends
a member of the Society of Friends, formed in England in 1648 Early restrictions brought them to New Jersey in 1675 and some 230 English Quakers founded Burlington, NJ in 1678 William Penn was granted the territory of Pennsylvania in 1681 and within two years there were about 3000 Quakers living there
The nankeen bird
a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers)
One who quakes
They were called Quakers, originally, in derision
Quaker Oats Co
International manufacturer of grocery products. It was formed in 1901 by the merging of three milling companies from Ohio and Iowa, including the country's largest cereal mill. The company initially produced oat and wheat cereals, cornmeal, and baby food. By the late 20th century, hundreds of food products had been added. In the 1960s and '70s, the company diversified into chemical products, restaurants, and toys. Quaker purchased Gatorade in 1983 and sold most of its nonfood assets in the 1990s. The company merged with PepsiCo, Inc., in 2001
Quaker gun
A dummy gun made of wood
quaker gun
a dummy gun or piece of artillery made usually of wood
The Religious Society of Friends
plural form of Quaker
{i} Society of Friends, Religious Society of Friends, Christian sect founded in England around 1660 by George Fox having no formal sacraments or priesthood and opposing violence (the basic belief of the Society of Friends is that divine revelation is instantaneous and individual)
plural of Quaker
Term applied to unripe, blighted, or underdeveloped coffee beans
Protestant denomination started by George Fox who believed that a person should be guided by the Holy Spirit in silent meditation
A religious sect that first emerged in the midlands of England as the Children of the Light They spread into the north of England where they gained many adherents, and from there to the south and abroad
a Christian sect founded by George Fox about 1660; commonly called Quakers
The real name was "The Society of Friends" It was a Christian group founded in England in the mid- 17th century Quakers believe that each individual is directly responsible to God, so they have no priests or pastors and no religious ceremonies They do not even have a church Instead they have a "meeting house" where every person meets to worship God in his own way and in silence



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    /ˈkwākər/ /ˈkweɪkɜr/


    [ 'kwA-k&r ] (noun.) 1597. A name given to members of the Religious Society of Friends in England when, in his defense, the leader of the Society said that the English judge would be the one to quake with fear before God on his Day of Judgment.