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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom bir atı midilliden ayıramaz. - Tom can't tell a horse from a pony.

Benim dünyamdaki herkes birer midilli, onlar gökkuşağı yiyorlar kakaları da kelebek. - In my world everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.

{i} yirmibeş dolarlık fiş
{i} yirmibeş pound
bodur cins at
midilli atı

Tom, anne babasından kendisine bir midilli atı satın almalarını istiyor. - Tom wants his parents to buy him a pony.

likör kadehi
{i} kitapçık
{i} küçük at

Tom ona küçük at almamı istedi. - Tom wanted me to buy him a pony.

yardımcı kitap kullanmakı pony express
dili likor kadehi veya bir kadeh dolusu
{i} likör kadehi [amer.]
{i} küçük araba
Latince veya Yunanca ders kitabı tercümesi
yirmi beş ingiliz lirası
pony tail
at kuyruğu
pony up
pony engine
manevra lokomotifi
pony express
atlı posta sistemi
pony bottle
(Askeri) mini tüp
pony car
(Otomotiv) küçük spor otomobil
pony up
(Fiili Deyim ) ödemek , vermek , sökülmek
pony up
parayı sökülmek
pony up
Shetland pony
welsh pony
gal midillisi
cow pony
inek midilli
one-trick pony
bir-trick pony
shanks's pony
go on shank's pony
yayan gitmek
go on shank's pony
tabanvayla gitmek
go on shank's pony
yürüyerek gitmek
pony up
para vermek
show pony
gösteriş budalası
İngilizce - İngilizce
A cheat sheet used in Latin classes, often tolerated, sometimes not
Any of several small breeds of horse under 14.2 hands
To lead (a horse) from another horse
A small serving of an alcoholic beverage
An elusive and highly unlikely positive outcome
A slate or reference used by Midshipmen to study for an upcoming test or project
A serving of 140 millilitres of beer
A measure of one ounce of liquor
Something of little worth
Of little worth
Twenty-five pounds sterling
{n} a small or little horse, an easy nag
{i} small horse; miniature breed of horse
(A) Twenty-five pounds A sporting term; a translation crib = to carry one over a difficulty Pony in vingt-et-un The person on the right-hand of the dealer, whose duty it is to collect the cards for the dealer; so called from the Latin ponc, “behind,” being behind the dealer
A translation or a key used to avoid study in getting lessons; a crib
A small horse
A horse that is shorter than 14 - 2 (14 hands 2 inches) 1 hand = 4 inches
A serving of 140 milliliters of beer
a range horse of the western United States any of various breeds of small gentle horses usually less than five feet high at the shoulder an informal term for a racehorse; "he liked to bet on the ponies"
A full-grown horse that is 14 2 hands or under
A small horse, standing 14 2 or less
a literal translation used in studying a foreign language (often used illicitly)
A small glass of beer
A pony is a type of small horse. ponies a small horse pit pony, Shetland pony. ponied ponying ponies pony up to find or produce a particular amount of money. Any of several breeds of small horses standing less than
an informal term for a racehorse; "he liked to bet on the ponies"
a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey
a range horse of the western United States
An athletic shoe brand that was popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's The rights to the Pony brand went through several changes over the years The latest brand owner was attempting a return to the market in 2002
any of various breeds of small gentle horses usually less than five feet high at the shoulder
2 hands (57 in., 144 cm) high and noted for gentleness and endurance. Among the common pony breeds are the Shetland; the stylish and hardy Welsh; the high-stepping Welsh Cob; the Exmoor and Dartmoor, natives of the English moors that are used to breed polo ponies; and the Highland, a thick, gray saddle animal
pony in the barn
An exciting and real prospect, something to be legitimately excited about
pony keg
A container for beer holding 7.75 US gallons, equal to half the size of a standard beer keg

Depending on the crowd, a keg or pony keg may be the way to go. . . .For fewer than 20 guests, consider a pony keg, which serves 80 drinks.

pony up
To pay (usually a bill, debt or due)
Pony Club
a British organization that arranges horse riding activities for children
pony cart
a cart with an underslung axle and two seats
pony express
A system of rapid mail transportation by relays of horses that operated from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in 1860-1861. (1860-61) U.S. system of mail delivery by horse and rider relays. The 1,800-mi (2,900-km) route between St. Joseph, Mo., and Sacramento, Calif., included 157 stations. Riders changed horses every 10 to 15 miles, and it took about 10 days to complete the route. The sponsoring company of Russell, Majors, Wadell employed riders such as William F. Cody and Pony Bob Haslam. The system provided an important mail link with the West, but it was a financial failure and became obsolete after 18 months with the completion of the transcontinental telegraph system
pony express
express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback; especially between Missouri and California around 1860
pony express
postal system using horseback riders and trains to deliver the mail from the midwestern United States to the west Coast in the mid 1800's
pony up
pay up, organize payment for something for which payment is due (Informal)
the activity of riding through the countryside on ponies
a sport in which people ride across country on ponies
polo pony
a small agile horse specially bred and trained for playing polo
New Forest pony
A horse of a breed indigenous to the New Forest, in Hampshire, England
Shetland pony
A breed of small horses, originally from the Shetland Islands
dog and pony show
Any presentation or display that is overly contrived or intricate

They put on a whole dog and pony show for the investors, but I'm not sure they convinced anyone.

dog and pony show
Originally, a small, traveling circus featuring animals as entertainment
one trick pony
Alternative spelling of one-trick pony
one-trick pony
A performing animal (especially a pony) that knows only one trick
one-trick pony
A person or group noteworthy for only a single achievement, skill, or characteristic
room for a pony
minimum trappings of the minor landed gentry

One craves the excitement of being right downtown, while the other wants an up-county farmette with a swimming pool and room for a pony.

shanks' pony
walking as a means of transport

When you ride Shanks's Pony you don't have to pay.

one-trick pony
A one-trick pony is someone who does one thing well, but has limited skills in other areas
one-trick pony
A person or thing with only one special feature, talent, or area of expertise
A pony
Chincoteague pony
A type of small, inbred North American horse that runs wild on certain islands off the Virginia coast
Indian pony
A small hardy horse of western North America, often used for crossbreeding
Shetland pony
A small, compactly built pony of a breed originating in the Shetland Islands, having a long thick mane and tail. a small strong horse with long rough hair (Shetland islands north of Scotland). Breed of pony that originated in Scotland's Shetland Islands. Well adapted to the islands' harsh climate and scant food supply, Shetlands were used as pack horses. Around 1850 they were taken to England to work in coal mines and to the U.S., where a more refined pony suitable for children was developed. Except for certain dwarf ponies, the Shetland is the smallest breed of horse. Its average height is about 40 in. (102 cm; Shetlands are not measured in hands). Shetlands are long-lived and need little care; they are gentle and even-tempered if properly trained
cow pony
A small agile horse used in herding cattle
cow pony
a light saddle horse trained for herding cattle
dog and pony show
sales presentation (derogatory)
pit pony
a small horse that was used in the past for moving coal in a mine in Britain
plural of pony
shank's pony
{i} shank's pony, person's own legs, shank's mare; act of walking by foot
shanks' pony
{i} shank's pony, person's own legs, shank's mare; act of walking by foot
shetland pony
breed of very small pony with long shaggy mane and tail
shetland pony
One of a small, hardy breed of horses, with long mane and tail, which originated in the Shetland Islands; a sheltie
welsh pony
breed of small ponies originally from Wales



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    /ˈpōnē/ /ˈpoʊniː/


    [ 'pO-nE ] (noun.) 1659. 1659 from Scots powny, apparently from French poulenet (“little foal”) (15th c.), ultimately from Late Latin pullanus (“young of an animal”) (cognate to English foal).


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