pikniğe gitme

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Türkçe - İngilizce
{i} backpacking
hiking and camping overnight in backcountry with one's gear carried in a backpack
low-cost, generally urban, travel with minimal luggage and frugal accommodations
{i} hiking or camping out with a backpack
present participle of backpack
If you go backpacking, you go travelling with a backpack. the activity of travelling for pleasure, usually without very much money, and carrying a backpack. Sport of hiking while carrying clothing, food, and camping equipment in a pack on the back. In the early 20th century backpacking was primarily a means of getting to wilderness areas inaccessible by car or by day hike. It subsequently became associated with general touring by foot in urban as well as wilderness settings. Types of packs range from the frameless rucksack to the contour frame pack, with a frame of aluminum tubing and often a waistband that transfers most of the pack's weight to the hips
carrying something in a pack on the back; "the backpacking of oxygen is essential for astronauts"
hiking and camping overnight in backcountry with ones gear carried in a backpack
pikniğe gitmek
Pikniğe gitmek
go on a picnic
Pikniğe gitmek
go for a picnic
pikniğe gitme