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İngilizce - İngilizce
Solid figure, having six faces, all parallelograms; all opposite faces being similar and parallel

A cuboid is a rectangular parallelepiped.

a prism whose bases are parallelograms
The shape of a tolerance zone The term is used to describe total width and to describe geometrically a square or rectangular prism or a solid with six faces, each of which is a parallelogram
A right angle, rectangular prism That is, a closed, convex, six-sided geometric solid, all of whose faces are rectangles
A parallelepiped is a solid (3-dimensional) figure in which all faces are parallelograms A special kind of parallelepiped is a rectangular box, like a shoe box It is a solid figure and has a volume





    [ "par-&-"le-l&-'pI-p&am ] (noun.) 1570. Greek parallElepipedon, from parallElos + epipedon plane surface, from neuter of epipedos flat, from epi- epi- + pedon ground; akin to Latin ped-, pes foot; more at FOOT.

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