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same as pms or pantone color
PMS ya da pantone aynı renk
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A colour matching system A 'Pantone' colour is one where the mixture of basic colours is based on a specific formula Therefore the specification of one of the 1000+ Pantone colours will lead to consistency of colour from more than one printer/supplier Clients normally specify Pantone colours by the number allocated to each one
brand name for an ink-matching system widely used by designers for colour specification
The Pantone color matching system offers hundreds of accurate, precise, and numbered colors By specifying these colors when you send a print job to a service bureau, you can be sure of getting just the color you intend
Pantone Inc's check standard trademark for colour preproduction and colour reproduction materials
Pantone, Pantone Matching System and PMS + are Pantone Inc's check-standard trademarks for colour standards, colour data, colour reproduction and colour reproduction materials, and other colour related products and services, meeting its specifications, control and quality requirements
a registered name for an ink color matching system
A trademark of the Pantone Corporation, used to define inks for spot-color printing Each Pantone color has a specified CMYK equivalent Each Pantone color is assigned a number; use a Pantone book (available from printers and graphic arts supply stores) to determine the number for the ink color you want
The industry standard color management system for printer color reproduction Pantone uses exact percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create colors
System of color matching designed to ensure that color output will be the color intended whether on-screen or in output from a printer
A scheme for representing color as data
A company that prints precise color match material used by the ink industry as standards for research and manufacturing
The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a widely-used of color printing inks Many image editing and illustration programs allow you to specify color by its PMS number