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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} tanrıça Pallas'ın Truva'yı koruyan heykeli
(Nükleer Bilimler) (pd) palladyum
(Tıp) Pd işaretiyle bilinen, platine benzer, atom no: 46 ve atom ağırlığı: 106.7 olan kimyasal element
palladium plating
palladyum kaplama
symbol of palladium
(Kimya) pd
İngilizce - İngilizce
A safeguard
A metallic chemical element (symbol Pd) with an atomic number of 46
{n} a statue of Pallas in ancient Troy which was essential to its safety, a bulwark, effectual defense
{i} statue of the goddess Athena located in Troy
{i} (Pd) rare metallic element (Chemistry)
Symbol Pd
It is used for graduated circles and verniers, for plating certain silver goods, and somewhat in dentistry
Hence: That which affords effectual protection or security; a safeguard; as, the trial by jury is the palladium of our civil rights
{i} defense mechanism, safeguard, something that protects; refuge, shelter, sanctuary
A distributed print system developed by MIT's Project Athena with participation from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), International Business Machines (IBM), and Hewlett-Packard (HP) It is a reference implementation for the OSI Document Printing Application (DPA) standard (ISO/IEC 10175)
Atomic weight, 106
a soft silver-white metal that is often combined with gold and silver, and used to cover an object with a very thin layer of metal. It is a chemical element : symbol Pd (Pallas asteroid discovered a short time before the metal)
Something that affords effectual protection and safety The Palladium was a colossal wooden statue of Pallas in the city of Troy, said to have fallen from heaven It was believed that so long as this statue remained within the city, Troy would be safe, but if removed, the city would fall into the hands of the enemy The statue was carried away by the Greeks, and the city burnt by them to the ground The Scotch had a similar tradition attached to the great stone of Scone, near Perth Edward I removed it to Westminster, and it is still framed in the Coronation Chair of England, (See Coronation, Scone ) Palladium of Rome Ancile (q v ) Palladium of Megara A golden hair of King Nisus (See Scylla, Eden Hall )
Microsoft defines Palladium as "the code name for an evolutionary set of features for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system When combined with a new breed of hardware and applications, these features will give individuals and groups of users greater data security, personal privacy, and system integrity In addition, "Palladium" will offer enterprise customers significant new benefits for network security and content protection
It was so named in 1804 by Wollaston from the asteroid Pallas, which was discovered in 1802
Any statue of the goddess Pallas; esp
the famous statue on the preservation of which depended the safety of ancient Troy
A small statue of Pallas-Athena Regarded as the guardian of the city of Rome
It is unique in its power of occluding hydrogen, which it does to the extent of nearly a thousand volumes, forming the alloy Pd2H
A rare metallic element of the light platinum group, found native, and also alloyed with platinum and gold
a silver-white metallic element of the platinum group that resembles platinum; occurs in some copper and nickel ores; does not tarnish at ordinary temperatures and is used (alloyed with gold) in jewelry
It is a silver-white metal resembling platinum, and like it permanent and untarnished in the air, but is more easily fusible
Code name for an initiative from Microsoft aiming for features greater data security, personal privacy and system integrity Will build upon TCPA For a discussion on Palladium/TCPA see www cl cam ac uk/~rja14/tcpa-faq html
London Palladium
a theatre in central London, famous especially for musicals (=shows that use singing and dancing to tell a story) and for variety shows (=shows with many different short performances, by singers, dancers, people telling jokes etc)



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    /pəˈlādēəm/ /pəˈleɪdiːəm/


    [ p&-'lA-dE-&m ] (noun.) The sense of "safeguard" comes from Latin Palladium (the image of Pallas that protected Troy), from Ancient Greek Παλλάδιον, from Παλλάς, an alternative name for Athena.

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