paleocene epoch

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İngilizce - İngilizce
8 million years ago. It precedes the Eocene Epoch and follows the Cretaceous Period. The Paleocene was characterized by a generally warming climate, with little or no frost; seasonal variation probably consisted of alternating dry and wet seasons. By the Paleocene the dinosaurs and other reptilian groups that were dominant during the Cretaceous had disappeared, and the epoch saw the rapid proliferation and evolution of mammals
or Palaeocene Epoch Earliest division of the Tertiary Period, from 65 to
The Paleocene epoch
paleocene epoch


    Pa·le·o·cene ep·och

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    peyliısin ipık


    /ˈpālēəˌsēn ˈēpək/ /ˈpeɪliːəˌsiːn ˈiːpək/

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