over one's head

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İngilizce - İngilizce
More than one can handle; too much (especially in over one’s head)

I’m in over my head on this project. Can you help?.

Performing at a level greatly superior to one's usual level of performance

He just shot a spectacularly over his head round of golf and beat all of us.

More complex or confusing than one can understand; beyond one’s comprehension

This is way over my head. Can you explain it more simply?.

(deyim) In a situation that is too much or too difficult for one to handle
in over one's head
(deyim) To a more important person in charge; to a higher official
in over one's head
(deyim) Not understandable; beyond your ability to understand; too hard or strange for you to understand
to hang over one's head
having a specific thing that is causing you concern
to hang over one's head
to be a danger or threat to you
roof over one's head
shelter, residence, home
over one's head