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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Oh, My God!) Aman Allahım!
(Kısaltma) oh my god
oh my God
aman Tanrım

Aman Tanrım, bir aslan! Arabaya bin! - Oh my God, it's a lion! Get in the car!

Aman tanrım, bir acemi aldı beni. - Oh my god, a newbie owned me!

oh my goodness
Aman Allahım! Allah Allah! Aman ya Rabbi! Aman Tanrım!
oh my gosh
oh Tanrım
İngilizce - İngilizce
oh my Goddess
oh my God
Object Management Group (who define CORBA)
oh my gosh
oh my goodness
disorder caused by an antibody which attacks and diminishes the integrity of the eyes (characterized by the abrupt or insidious onset of weakness and fatigability of one or both lids or the eye muscles)
Oh my God!; Oh my goodness!; Oh my gosh! (Internet abbreviation used in chat rooms and email correspondence)
(Internet) consortium of software vendors that promotes the use of Object-Oriented software in applications
Object Management Group A vendor alliance formed to define and promote CORBA object specifications
Object Management Group Consortium of users of object-oriented techniques Sponsors of CORBA
Object Management Group: a consortium aimed at setting standards in object-oriented programming, especially for distributed applications The only and most important group in this area, with very good and practicable results
Object Management Group Consortium of over 400 members from the software, hardware, and large end-user communities, whose goal is to standardise and promote object technology in all forms, in particular by proposing specific standards which should increase portability of customer software across ODBMS products
Object Management Group
Object Management Group A consortium of software organizations that have the mission to define standards pertaining to object oriented, distributed systems
The Object Management Group (see http: //www omg org) is supposedly the world's largest software consortium Established in 1989, it has the mission to promote the theory and practice of Object Technology (OT) for the development of distributed computing systems
Object Management Group A consortium of software companies responsible for the development of the CORBA specification
Observation ManaGer
Object Management Group (STD)
Object Management Group (oversees CORBA)
Object Management Group The OMG was formed in 1989 to create a component-based software marketplace by hastening the introduction of standardized object software The OMG's broad mission is the establishment of industry guidelines and detailed object management specifications to provide a common framework for application development See www omg org
(Object Management Group) Industrial group for computer standard specifications
Object Management Group, A standards body for object oriented computing and management They maintain and support CORBA, UML and other open standards OMG
Object Management Group http: //www omg org/ (1)
Acronym for Operation Market Garden WWII Allied operation in Belgium and the Netherlands designed to establish a bridgehead across the lower Rhine into Germany According to plan, airborne troops were to seize and hold bridges across eight water barriers until reinforced by an advancing overland force For its WWII line, 21c has released a 101st Airborne Operation Market Garden boxed figure and uniform set and a British Paratrooper boxed set and uniform set
An international consortium of companies that work together to create standards for advanced software engineering technologies The OMG has developed middleware standards, like CORBA, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for diagramming software and business systems, and the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) a systematic way of maintaining reusable software components and using them to generate code for specific applications (See UML and MDA ) For more information, check www omg org
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The Object Management Group
See: Object Management Group (OMG)
Object Management Group Consortium of industry, government and academic entities responsible for standardization of CORBA
The Object Management Group An international industry standardisation body Best known for CORBA and UML See Also UML
International non-profit consortium of companies furthering object-oriented technology in software development