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İngilizce - Türkçe
diş diş etmek
çentik atmak
(up ile) (başarı) kaydetmek
kertik açmak
{i} gedik
{i} dar ve derin dağ geçidi
{f} diş diş yapmak
{i} gez (silah)
{f} çetelesini tutmak
{f} (oku) yaya
{i} k.dili. derece
oku yaya yerleştirmek
çentiklerle hesap tutmak
{i} diş
{f} çentiklemek
çentik,v.çent: n.çentik
(İnşaat) duvar dişi
dağ geçidi
notch filter
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) çentik süzgeci
notch toughness
çentik tokluğu
notch up
notch board
merdiven kirişi
notch up
başarı kazanmak
notch factor
(Mühendislik) Çentik faktörü
notch filter
(Elektrik, Elektronik) Yüksek frekanslarda kullanılan filtrelerde, yüksek kalite faktörlü ( high Q ) rezonans devreleri yardımıyla belli bir frekansı zayıflatmaya, bastırmaya yarayan filtre
notch up
İmzasını atmak, başarmak
notch wear
Çentikli aşınma
notch filter
centik suzgeci
notch sensitivity
kertik hassaslığı
notch sight
(Askeri) çentikli arpacık
notch sight
(Askeri) ÇENTİKLİ ARPACIK: Bak. " open sight"
go up a notch
Biraz artmak, bir çentik artmak
(Mekanik) çentik açma
notch up
elde etmek
notch up
write protect notch
yazma engelleme kertiği
(Araçlar) çentikleyici
crank it up a notch
(deyim) Bir seviye yukarı taşımak
Köşe Çıkarma Makinası
suprasternal notch
Göğüs ile boyun arasındaki çukur bölge
suprasternal notch
Göğüsüstü geçidi
to notch
top notch
En iyi kalite, birinci sınıf, üstün
top notch
tepe çentik
ethmoidal notch
(Diş Hekimliği) eklemli bir kafatasında etmoid kemiğin kalbursu tabakasını meydana getiren, frontal kemiğin orbitaltabakaları arasındaki boşluk
fatigue notch factor
(Havacılık) yorulma gerilmesi faktörü
frontal notch
(Diş Hekimliği) orbital kemiğin üst kenarında, içinden frontal arter ve sinirin geçtiği girinti
measuring notch
(Otomotiv) ölçme çentiği
measuring notch
(Otomotiv) ölçüm işareti
{s} dişli
{s} çentilmiş
(Tıp) Çentikli, üzeri diş veya dantela şeklinde çentikler gösteren
{s} gedikli
thumb notch
harf indeksine ait girinti
write protect notch
yazmaya karşı koruma çentiği;yazım
write protect notch
Yazmaya Korumalı Çentik
İngilizce - İngilizce
A level or degree

This car is a notch better than the other.

To record (a score or similar) by making notches on something

The tribe's hunters notch their kills by notches on each's axe's handle.

A V-shaped cut
Such a cut, used for keeping a record

The notches in that tribe's warrior axe handles stand for killed enemies.

A mountain pass
An indentation
: To achieve (something)

The team notched a pair of shutout wins on Sunday.

To join by means of notches
To cut a notch in (something)
{v} to cut in small hollows
{n} a nick
a V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface; "there were four notches in the handle of his revolver"
Cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork, (partial four-way entry)
A hollow cut in anything; a nick; an indentation
Minimum spectral value, at a natural frequency Also, the deliberate reducing of a portion of a test spectrum (random vibration testing)
to achieve something
small serration or mark along the edge of film that are used for identifying and positioning
an indentation in the margin of a structure Etymology uncertain
a small cut a V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface; "there were four notches in the handle of his revolver"
filleted cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork tine, usually 9" in length and 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" in height
You can refer to a level on a scale of measurement or achievement as a notch. Average earnings in the economy moved up another notch in August In this country the good players are pulled down a notch or two
A word used to describe a very narrow band of frequencies to be cut by an equalizer When an EQ circuit has a very high Q (narrow bandwidth) it is sometimes referred to as a notch filter Notch filters are commonly used to suppress feedback in monitor or PA systems, and are sometimes used to remove specific types of hum and noise in recordings
A notch is a small V-shaped or circular cut in the surface or edge of something. They cut notches in the handle of their pistol for each man they shot. = nick see also top-notch
{i} groove; V-shaped cut; level, degree (Informal); pass between two hills or mountains
A filter that operates a correction at a very specific frequency leaving those around it largely unaffected
A triangle indention is cut where the lapel joins the collar
a small cut a V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface; "there were four notches in the handle of his revolver" a V-shaped indentation; "mandibular notch" notch a surface to record something cut or make a notch into; "notch the rope
Out of all notch Out of all bounds The allusion is to the practice of fitting timber: the piece which is to receive the other is notched upon; the one to fit into the notch is said to be notched down
a small cut
  In a relatively wide band of frequencies, not necessarily of uniform amplitude, a narrow band of frequencies having relatively low amplitudes
{f} groove; cut; make a notch in; score a point
A vertical and crosswise horizontal cut at the end of the chord, joist or rafter
To cut away small portions of an area of packaging material, usually at the corners, to provide for lock seaming
A narrow passage between two elevation; a deep, close pass; a defile; as, the notch of a mountain
notch a surface to record something cut or make a notch into; "notch the rope
To cut or make notches in ; to indent; also, to score by notches; as, to notch a stick
notch a surface to record something
cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork tine, usually 9" in length, 1-1/2" in depth
A small cut into the seam allowance which will allow fabric to bend at curves and corners
to record a score etc by making notches on something
A crosswise rabbet at the end of a board
The portion of the radar velocity display where a target disappears due to being notched out by the zero doppler filter If not filtered (notched), ground clutter would also appear on the display A notch filter is a narrow band-reject filter A "notch maneuver" is used to place a tracking radar on the beam of the aircraft so it will be excluded
A flaked U or V shaped indentation
Cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork tine, usually 9" in length, 1 1/2" in depth
a V-shaped indentation; "mandibular notch"
If you notch a success, especially in a sporting contest, you achieve it. The President is keen to notch a political triumph that would foster freer world trade and faster economic growth
cut or make a notch into; "notch the rope"
to cut a notch in something
A crosswise groove at the end of a board
To make an undercut in a tree, preparatory to felling it in a given direction Also known as a box or an undercut
Slang for a negative or subtractive impulse
the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks; "we got through the pass before it started to snow"
This is a round or square indentation cut into the mold wall to act as a locking device in conjunction with key grooves   They are usually placed every three or four inches along the mold wall, depending on the size of the mold
a small col
To fit the notch of (an arrow) to the string
notch on one's bedpost
a sexual conquest; a sex partner
notch on the bedpost
Alternative form of notch on one's bedpost
notch effect
(Mühendislik) The increase in the susceptibility of a specimen to fracture caused by a notch
notch up
If you notch up something such as a score or total, you achieve it

He had notched up more than 25 victories worldwide.

notch wear
Insert wear characterized by excessive localized damage on both the rake face and flank of the insert at the depth-of-cut line. Notch wear is also called notching and depth-of-cut notching
notch up
If you notch up something such as a score or total, you achieve it. He had notched up more than 25 victories worldwide
notch up
attribute credit, indicate credit
a notch above
superior to; of a higher quality than

The hotel we stayed in this year was fabulous. It put our vacation a notch above the rest.

Simple past tense and past participle of notch
A scorer
One who makes notches
suprasternal notch
The conspicuous dip visible at the top of the human chest where the neck joins the sternum
tentorial notch
The space in the tentorium where the brainstem passes
top notch
Very good; of the highest quality

The award may be given to anybody who consistently writes top notch content.

Of the highest quality; excellent, first-rate
crank it up a notch
(deyim) iElevate something to the next higher level, or the next extreme
fatgue notch factor
A notch, scratch, or other impairment on the surface of a metal resulting in premature failure of the metal
kick it up a notch
(deyim) To make things more intense, exciting, or interesting
a person who notches; a scorer
an instrument for making notches
A notch
mandibular notch
small indentation in the middle of the lower jawbone
Having notches; toothed; serrated; jagged; erose
Simple past and past participle of to notch
notched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex
having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed
third-person singular of notch
plural of notch
[Graphics] specifies that box-and-whisker plots created by the BOXCHART statement are to be notched The endpoints of the notches are located at the median plus and minus , where IQR is the interquartile range and n is the subgroup sample size The medians (central lines) of two box-and-whisker plots are significantly different at approximately the 0 05 level if the corresponding notches do not overlap Refer to McGill and others (1978) Figure 46 7 illustrates the NOTCHES option Notice the folding effect at the bottom, which happens when the endpoint of a notch is beyond its corresponding quartile This situation occurs typically only when the subgroup sample size is small
Notching is the periodic voltage disturbance caused by the normal operation of power electronic devices (such as a three-phase converter) when current is commutated from one phase to another When the current commutates, there is a momentary short circuit between the two remaining phases, pulling the voltage as close to zero as permitted by system impedances Since notching occurs continuously, it can be characterized through the harmonic spectrum of the affected voltage
Operation in which the punch removes material from the edge or corner of a strip or blank
present participle of notch
by notching them, as at the ends, and overlapping or interlocking the notched portions
The small hollow, or hollows, cut; a notch or notches
Decorative slices cut from the angles of various glass components, notably from arms and spires
A method of joining timbers, scantling, etc
A method of excavating, as in a bank, by a series of cuttings side by side
The manufacturing process of cutting a "v" or "u" shape out of a profile, typically cut with a die
Grooves cut into the spine perpendicular to the binding edge prior for Double fan adhesive binding
See also Gulleting
Process of cutting parallel grooves into the spine perpendicular to the binding edge to strengthen adhesive bindings (LBI Standard, Glossary, p 15)
Sawing operation on band mill or plate saw in which two straight cuts intersect to remove a single piece of material back to top
The act of making notches; the act of cutting into small hollows
great, excellent, wonderful
If you describe someone or something as top-notch, you mean that they are of a very high standard or quality. = first-rate. something that is top-notch is of the highest quality or standard
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kastanyola yuvası notch
on a ratchet wheel