mutabakat muhtırası

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Türkçe - İngilizce
(Askeri) memorandum of understanding
An interagency agreement defining which agency has a responsibility
The Santa Barbara Association of Governments (SBCAG) is the regional agency responsible for preparing regional transportation plans and programs Most of these programs require the participation of cities, the county, and other affected local agencies A number of these programs also have implications to regional air quality plans such as the Clean Air Plan Because the SBCAG currently works with cities and the county on regional transportation programs, and because of the close interaction between many of these programs and the regional air quality plan, the APCD and SBCAG have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding whereby SBCAG is charged with developing the transportation elements of the plan, especially the transportation control measures TCMs are essentially measures that seek to reduce the use of the single passenger automobile and are implemented by a number of local agencies such as local cities and the county
A written agreement between a district attorney and a defendant's attorney to admit the defendant to pretrial diversion, contingent upon the defendant's compliance with the memorandum's conditions
an agreement between ministers defining the roles and responsibilities of each ministry in relation to the other or others, with respect to matters over which the ministers have concurrent jurisdiction
agreement between parties that details mutual obligations in relation to services and/or the exchange of information (relating to industrial chemicals)
is a written document executed by the parties which establishes policies or procedures of mutual concern It does not require either party to obligate funds and does not create a legally binding commitment
An MOU is an agreement between NFC and a relying agency for NFC to provide CA services for the agency
(MOU) - A formal name for the contract jointly prepared by labor and management incorporating matters on which agreement is reached through negotiations, or meeting and conferring The memorandum, having the force of a contract, is subject to ratification by membership
A funding mechanism used frequently by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to enter into agreements with other state agencies
A document providing a general description of the responsibilities that are to be assumed by two or more parties in their pursuit of some goal(s) More specific information may be provided in an associated SOW
mutabakat muhtırası