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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) çok amaçlı sistem (Movement Tracking System - Hareket İzleme Sistemi MTS/SOF-IRIS multifunction system)
mts id
(Bilgisayar) mts kimliği

Ben dağlarda bir yürüyüş yaptım. - I took a walk in the mountains.

Şüpheli üç haftadır dağlarda saklanıyordu. - The suspect was hiding out in the mountains for three weeks.

İngilizce - İngilizce
(Ticaret) (make to stock) A manufacturing method in which finished goods are produced and stocked prior to receipt of a customer order. It uses a forecast based on past demand history to initiate production of end items when inventory has fallen below desired levels, instead of waiting until a final quantity and configuration is described on a customer order
Multilateral Trading Systems
Microsoft Transaction Server Microsofts server-side component-based in-process transaction server
Multilateral trading system
Abr Motor turbine ship
Message Transfer System
Media Technology Services Provides audio and video support for teaching and learning at the University Housed on the lower level of Mortensen Library
Metering Truss Structure
MORI Telephone Surveys: Telephone interviewing company which is backed by MORI and conducts virtually all MORI telephone fieldwork - more
Microsoft Transaction Server A part of Windows NT server providing transaction support for COM components over a distributed network
(Internet Directory Administrator's Guide)
Microsoft Transaction Server MTS combines the features of a transaction-processing (TP) monitor and an object-request broker (ORB) in an easy-to-use product
Motor turbine ship
MTS (Multithreaded Server) is an Oracle server configuration that uses less memory With MTS a dispatcher process enables many user processes to share a few server processes While running in MTS mode, a user can still request a dedicated server process
Master of Theological Studies
message telecommunications service
Movement Tracking System
Multi-Threaded-Server Oracle definition: MTS allows many user processes to share very few server processes Without MTS, each user process requires its own dedicated server process; a new server process is created for each client requesting a connection A dedicated server process remains associated to the user process for the remainder of the connection With MTS many user processes connect to a dispatcher process The dispatcher routes client requests to the next available shared server process The advantage of MTS is that system overhead is reduced, so the number of users that can be supported is increased
abbr Message Telephone Service