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bk. Motion Picture Experts Group
(Televizyon) motion picture experts group
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Bilgisayarlarda kullanılan, bir ses ve görüntü sıkıştırma standartı
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Moving Pictures Experts Group
Any of a group of computer file formats for the compression and storage of digital video and audio data
A computer file (as of a movie) in an MPEG format
{i} format for a tightly compressed video or sound file which loses a small degree of quality (Computers)
MPEG is a standard file format for compressing video images so that they can be stored or sent by e-mail more easily. MPEG is an abbreviation for `Motion Picture Experts Group'. Moving Picture Experts Group a type of computer file used on the Internet that contains sound and video material JPEG
Motion Picture Experts Group, a common video file compression method
Motion Pictures Expert Group compression methods for video, graphics, or audio information
Motion Picture Experts Group A file format used for making, viewing, and transferring both digital audio and digital video files
Moving Picture Experts Group (defines compression standards)
Motion Picture Experts Group A committee of experts from the audio, video, and computer industries developing an evolving series of standards for compression of moving images Files encoded using this standard are referred to as MPEG files MPEG-1 is a low-resolution format currently used on the World Wide Web for short animated files MPEG-2 is a much higher resolution format being developed for digital television and movies
(Motion Pictures Expert Group) A type of data compression storage and playback of video and audio data
Moving Photographic Experts Group, a format for compressed movie files using similar technology to JPEG
Motion Picture Experts Group Refers to a multimedia graphics format
ISO/CCITT Moving Pictures Expert Group JTC1/SC29/WG11 This group has defined MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video compression standards
Motion Picture Experts Group A standard format for compressed video files
Moving Picture Expert Group
Moving Picture Experts Group A format used on the Web for video and audio files Compression techniques are used that enable the files to be transmitted across the Internet significantly quicker than most other audio and video files
A digital video format developed by the Motion Pictures Expert Group
Motion Picture Experts Group The standard format for digital video and audio compression (AKA MP3)
Moving Picture Experts Group
Moving Picture Experts Group; a joint committee of the ISO and IEC
Moving Pictures Experts Group A standard for compressed audio and video data This is a "lossy" compression scheme, which means the data loses some quality in compression The standard specifies a bandwidth of 150 Kbytes per second, which is the data rate of audio CD's
Moving Picture Experts Group of the International Standards Organization (set video compression standard)
Moving Picture Experts Group A standard for a digital video & audio compression More details
The acronym for Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG is an international standard for video compression and desktop movie presentation A special viewing application is needed to run MPEG files on your computer To the Top
Moving Picture Experts Group A standard used on the Internet for video and audio files Compression techniques enable the files to be transmitted significantly more quickly than other audio and video files The Web browser you are using must be capable of running MPEG files The file extension, " mpg", is used for MPEG files
Motion Picture Experts Group; a high quality video format commonly used for files found on the Internet Usually a special helper application is required to view MPEG files
Stands for Motion Picture Experts Group A format to make, view, and transfer both digital audio and digital video files
Motion Pictures Experts Group A group established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that establishes international standards for compression coding of moving pictures and audio programmes The MPEG-2 standard is widely used for compressing video material (e g in the DVB standard)
Moving Pictures Experts Group: compression algorithm for video and audio files, often used on the Web
MPEG file
highly compressed video or sound file which loses a small amount of quality during compression
audio layer 3 MPEG-1
abbreviation of MPEG-1, audio layer 3 Standard technology and format for the compression of audio signals into very small computer files. For example, sound data from a compact disc (CD) can be compressed to one-twelfth the original size without sacrificing sound quality. Because of small file size and ease of production from CD sources, the MP3 format is very popular for transmitting music files over the Internet. Although recording companies have sued many Web sites for facilitating the exchange of such copyrighted material, many now provide sample songs in MP3 format to promote CD sales, and some musicians bypass recording companies and issue their songs over the Internet in MP3 format only. See also data compression