morehouse college

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İngilizce - İngilizce
Private, historically black, men's liberal arts college in Atlanta, Ga. It was founded as the Augusta Institute, a seminary, in 1867 and renamed in 1913 in honour of Henry L. Morehouse, an administrator. It offers programs in business, education, humanities, and physical and natural sciences. It is part of an educational consortium in which six institutions, including Spelman College, exchange faculty, students, facilities, and curricula. Notable alumni include Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights leader Julian Bond, and filmmaker Spike Lee
morehouse college


    morehouse col·lege

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    môrhaus kälîc


    /ˈmôrˌhous ˈkäləʤ/ /ˈmɔːrˌhaʊs ˈkɑːlɪʤ/

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