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İngilizce - İngilizce
An accumulation of rocks and debris carried and deposited by a glacier
An accumulation of earth, STONES, etc , deposited by a glacier, usually in the form of a mound, ridge or other prominence on the terrain
landforms composed of unsorted materials deposited by glaciers They can cover broad geographic areas of millions of acres Topography can vary from nearly level "till" plains to rough end moraine landscapes composed of steep dry ridges interspersed with deep kettle holes These glacial "kettles" are frequent locations for lakes and wetlands
When a glacier moves forward, its weight and movement causes dirt, rocks and debris to be literally bulldozed along in front of it Then as the glacier recedes, it leaves behind piles known as moraines Lateral moraines flank the sides of glaciers while a terminal moraine marks the farthest glacial advance
A ridge formed by the unsorted gravel, sand and boulders carried along by the glacier and deposited at the outer edge, or front, of the glacier Some are only 10' high while others rise 250' to 300' Moraines define the basic route of the Trail, so they can be found in many places
A hill of glacial till deposited directly by a glacier
debris, such as boulders or stones, deposited by a glacier
Broadly arcuate to linear hummocky ridge deposited where an ice margin became stationary for a protracted period of time
accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier
Sediment left behind by glaciers
An accumulation of rock debris carried down and deposited by glaciers; hills and ridges formed due to the accumulation of glacier drift (1)
An accumulation of unsorted unstratified glacial drift mainly till, deposited by glacial ice Drift deposited in the flanks of a valley glacier form a lateral moraine Glacial deposits which have accumulated at the front of a glacier form a terminal moraine Deposits of drift which have been dragged along beneath the ice form ground moraine
The rocks and soil carried and deposited by a glacier An "end moraine," either a ridge or low hill running perpendicular to the direction of ice movement, forms at the end of a glacier when the ice is melting
A ridge of rubbly stones, boulders and fine clay left behind when a glacier or ice sheet melts
A collection of soil, stone, and other matter deposited by glaciers [16]
a depositional feature whose form is independent of topography and is constructed by the accumulation of drift
gravel left by glaciers
Ridges of unsorted, unstratified glacial till deposited on top of or at the margins of a glacier or ice sheet
The name given to rock material transported by a glacier
an accumulation of earth and stones carried by a glacier and usually deposited into a high point like a ridge
An accumulation of rock, boulders and debris transported by a glacier and finally deposited by it
{i} heap of stones left by a glacier
a mass of earth or pieces of rock moved along by a glacier and left in a line at the bottom of it. Accumulation of rock debris (till) carried or deposited by a glacier. The material may range in size from blocks or boulders to sand and clay, is unstratified when dropped by the glacier, and shows no sorting or bedding. Several kinds of moraines are recognized, depending on how they are deposited by the glacier; these include lateral moraines along the margins of the glacier and terminal moraines at its leading edge
An accumulation of earth and stones carried forward and deposited by a glacier
a landform made up of accumulated glacial debris
Deposits of rocks, boulders, gravel and sand (called glacial drift) left behind by glaciers as they melted Terminal moraines are at the end of a glacier
A single, large mass of glacial till that accumulates, typically at the edge of a glacier
A mound, ridge, or other distint accumulation of unsorted, unstratified glacial drift, deposited chiefly by direct action of glacier ice The geomorphic name for a landform composed mainly of till that has been deposited by either a living or extinct glacier
(More-rain) n an accumulation of boulders, stones, or other debris carried and deposited by a glacier
A mound or ridge of unstratified glacial drift, chiefly till, deposited by direct action of glacier ice
plural of moraine



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    /mərˈān/ /mɜrˈeɪn/


    [ m&-'rAn ] (noun.) 1789. From French moraine, from Savoyard Italian morena, from Franco-Provençal mor, morre (“muzzle, snout”), from Vulgar Latin *murrum. Compare morion.

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