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Sanatçı isimlerinin başlangıç harfleri
önceleri tek harften, sonraları iç içe geçmiş iki yada daha çok sayıda harften oluşan arma yada marka
Herhangi bir kişinin ya da sanatçının isminin baş harfleriyle yapılan düzenleme
imza yerine kullanılan ve özel adın harflerinden meydana gelen marka
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To mark something with a monogram
A sentence consisting of only one line, or an epigram consisting of only one verse, of poetry
A picture drawn in line only, before the colour and/or shading is applied; an outline sketch
A design composed of one or more letters, often intertwined, used as an identifying mark of an individual or institution
a character consisting of two or more letters interwoven into one, usually initials of a name
{n} a cypher having one or more letters
Monograms are often used on seals, ornamental pins, rings, buttons, and by painters, engravers, etc
A monogram is a design based on the first letters of a person's names, which is put on things they own, such as their clothes. a design that is made using the first letters of someone's names and is put on pieces of clothing or other possessions (monogramma, from mono- ( MONO-) + gramma ). Originally a cipher consisting of a single letter, later a design or mark consisting of two or more letters intertwined. The letters thus interlaced may be either all the letters of a name or the initial letters of the given names and surname of a person for use on notepaper, seals, or elsewhere. Many early Greek and Roman coins bear the monograms of rulers or towns. Most famous is the sacred monogram, which is formed by the conjunction of the first two Greek letters of (Christ), usually with the (alpha) and (omega) of the Apocalypse on each side of it. The Middle Ages were extremely prolific in inventing ciphers for ecclesiastical, artistic, and commercial use. Related devices are the colophons used for identification by publishers and printers, the hallmarks of goldsmiths and silversmiths, and the logos adopted by corporations
A picture in lines; a sketch
to distinguish their works
A character or cipher composed of two or more letters interwoven or combined so as to represent a name, or a part of it (usually the initials)
A special limited-run edition of the journal devoted to a single sponsor or advertiser, usually linked to a special event These are made available to clients as an added-value package built in with a run-of-paper advertising campaign The front page is branded with the logo of the advertiser Other areas of the paper are dedicated to news of the event with editorial, pictures and graphics A special limited run is printed and delivered directly to the event or other location of the advertiser's choice ready for direct distribution
— Embroidered design composed of one or more letters, usually the initials in a name
An arbitrary sign for a word
a graphic symbol consisting of 2 or more letters combined (usually your initials); printed on stationery or embroidered on clothing
Korean Pawn/Soldier (KS) KS1, KS2, KS3 etc  
{f} make a monogram, decorate with the initials of one's name
Embroidered design composed of one or more letters, usually one's initials
Embroidered design composed of one or more letters, usually the initials in a name
{i} initials of a name that are combined in a single design as a decoration (on embroidery, stationary, clothing, etc.)
{s} decorated with a monogram, trimmed with with the initials of a name
Monogrammed means marked with a design based on the first letters of a person's names. a monogrammed handkerchief
past participle of monogram
present participle of monogram
third-person singular of monogram
plural of monogram
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    /ˈmänəˌgram/ /ˈmɑːnəˌɡræm/


    [ 'mä-n&-"gram ] (noun.) circa 1696. From the Classical Latin adjective monogrammus, from the conjectured Ancient Greek *μονόγραμμος (monogrammos, “outlined”, “drawn with single lines”).

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