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İngilizce - İngilizce
A dealer in a specific commodity, normally used in combination
A person promoting something undesirable, always used in combination
To sell or peddle something
{n} a dealer, trader, feller, fishing boat
To deal in; to make merchandise of; to traffic in; used chiefly of discreditable traffic
{i} commodity dealer, seller (e.g. fishmonger); person who busily promotes an activity (usually of a harmful nature, e.g. a war-monger)
A trader; a dealer; now used chiefly in composition; as, fishmonger, ironmonger, newsmonger
someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
A small merchant vessel
sell or offer for sale from place to place
A person who spreads or encourages the specified thing
A person who sells the specified thing, such as a fishmonger
profit monger
A person, business or profession marked by avarice and greed

Lawyers are considered to be profit mongers when the law is treated as a trade secret and the public process as a business owned and operated by the legal profession.

air monger
one who is drawn to visionary ideas and concepts
ballad monger
{i} person who writes and sells songs professionally (especially with special words for special occasions, and often with existing melodies)
ballad monger
A seller or maker of ballads; a poetaster
past of monger
present participle of monger
third-person singular of monger
plural of , monger
one who seeks arguments, one who likes to cause disputes
rumour-monger rumour-mongers in AM, use rumormonger disapproval If you call someone a rumour-monger, you disapprove of the fact that they spread rumours



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    /ˈməɴɢgər/ /ˈmʌŋɡɜr/


    [ 'm&[ng]-g&r, 'mä[ ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Middle English mongere, then Old English mangere and finally from the Latin mango, a dealer in slaves.

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