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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} hareketlilik

Takım, hareketlilikten yoksundu. - The team lacked mobility.

(Ticaret) eğitim amaçlı değişim
hareket kabiliyeti
hareket etme yeteneği
(Askeri) yer değiştirme yeteneği
(Biyoloji) devinirlik
(Biyoloji) mobilite
{i} akışkanlık
(Tıp) Hareket yeteneği, hareketlilik, mobilite
(Askeri) HAREKET KABİLİYETİ: Askeri kuvvetlere; esas görevlerini yerine getirme kudretini muhafaza ile birlikte bir yerden bir yere hareket ve intikal imkanı veren bir nitelik veya imkan
mobility grant
Hareketlilik ödeneği
mobility kill
(Askeri) Aracı hareketsiz duruma getiren silah hasarı
mobility of labour
emek akışkanlığı
mobility air forces
(Askeri) çevik hava kuvveti
mobility centers
(Politika, Siyaset) dolaşım merkezleri
mobility component
(Politika, Siyaset) hareket engeli ödeneği
mobility matting
(Askeri) kamuflaj örtüsü
mobility of a charged particle
(Bilgisayar) devingenlik yüklü parçacık
mobility of labor
(Ticaret) emeğin hareketliliği
mobility of researchers
(Politika, Siyaset) araştırmacı dolaşımı
mobility requirement resource roster
(Askeri) seyyar ihtiyaçlar kaynak listesi
mobility system support resources
(Askeri) HAREKET SİSTEMİ DESTEK KAYNAKLARI: a. Hava taşıma ve deniz taşıma kuvvetlerini tamamlamak ve/veya, b. Bir hareket ihtiyacının başlatılması, işlemi, veya son bulması ile direk olarak ilgili işlevleri yerine getirmek için gerekli kaynaklar
mobility, countermobility, and/or survivability
(Askeri) hareket kabiliyeti, hareket kabiliyeti engelleme ve/veya beka
cross country mobility
(Askeri) arazide hareket kabiliyeti
extension mobility
(Bilgisayar) hat gezgini
horizontal mobility
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yatay hareketlilik
intense mobility
yoğun hareketlilik
sustainable mobility
(Politika, Siyaset) sürdürülebilir hareketlilik
carrier mobility
taşıyıcı devingenliği
drift mobility
sürüklenme çevikliği
hole mobility
delik hareketliliği
intrinsic mobility
saf hareketlilik
ionic mobility
iyon hareketi
capital mobility
paranın ülkelerarası seyahat imkanı
carrier mobility
taşıyıcı devingenligi
factor mobility
üretim faktörleri hareketliliği
occupation mobility
mesleki akışkanlık
upward mobility
yukarı hareketlilik
Air Mobility Command Deployment Analysis System
(Askeri) Uçar Birlik Komutanlığı İntikal Analiz Sistemi
Joint Mobility Control Group; joint movement control group
(Askeri) Müşterek Seyyar Kontrol Grubu; müşterek intikal kontrol grubu
National Air Mobility System
(Askeri) Milli Hava Hareket Kabiliyeti Sistemi
air mobility
(Askeri) HAVADAN İNTİKAL YETENEĞİ: Uçar kuvvetlerin kara muharebesi yapma yeteneğinin yanı sıra hava araçlarıyla havadan da intikal edebilme yetenekleri
air mobility branch; ambassador
(Askeri) havadan intikal yeteneği kısmı; büyükelçi
air mobility control team
(Askeri) havadan intikal yeteneği kontrol timi
air mobility division
(Askeri) hava hareket tümeni
air mobility element; antenna mounted electronics
(Askeri) hava hareket unsuru; anten üzerindeki elektronik
air mobility express
(Askeri) havadan hızlı intikal
air mobility operations control center
(Askeri) havadan intikal yeteneği harekatı kontrol merkezi
air mobility operations group
(Askeri) havadan intikal yeteneği harekat grubu
air mobility operations squadron
(Askeri) havadan intikal yeteneği harekatı filosu
air mobility squadron; Army management structure; Asset Management System
(Askeri) hava hareket filosu; Kara Kuvvetleri idari yapısı; Mevcudat Yönetim Sistemi
air mobility support squadron
(Askeri) havadan hareket destek filosu
air mobility wing; amphibious warfare
(Askeri) hava harejet uçuş grubu; amfibi harp
airborne mission commander; Air Mobility Command; Army Materiel Command
(Askeri) Hava indirme görev komutanı; Hava Hareket Komutanlığı; Kara Kuvvetleri Malzeme Komutanlığı
amplifier; analysis of mobility platform
(Askeri) yükselteç; hareket yeteneği platform analizi
consolidated air mobility planning system
(Askeri) birleştirilmiş hava hareket kabiliyeti planlama sistemi
contingency operations mobility planning and execution system
(Askeri) muhtemel durum harekatı hareket kabiliyeti planlama ve işletme sistemi
cross country mobility
(Askeri) ARAZİDE HAREKET KABİLİYETİ, YOL DIŞINDA HAREKET KABİLİYETİ: Yollar dışında hareket edebilme sınırı ve kabiliyeti
director of mobility forces
(Askeri) seferberlik kuvvetleri başkanları
economic mobility
(Ticaret) ekonomik hareketlilik
global air mobility support system
(Askeri) küresel hava seyyar destek sistemi
high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
(Askeri) hareket kabiliyeti yüksek çok amaçlı tekerlekli araç
intrinsic mobility
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) saf devingenlik
joint mobility assistance team
(Askeri) müşterek seyyar yardım takımı
lack adequate mobility
(Askeri) Yeterli hareket kabiliyeti
lead mobility wing
(Askeri) lider hava birliği
occupational mobility
(Avrupa Birliği) mesleki hareketlilik
occupational mobility
(Ticaret) meslek hareketliliği
perfect capital mobility
(Ticaret) tam sermaye hareketliliği
scenario unrestricted mobility model of intratheater simulation
(Askeri) muharebe sahası simülasyon modelinin intiakl kabiliyeti sınırlandırımamış senaryosu
senior meteorological and oceanographic officer; strategic mobility office(r); s
(Askeri) kıdemli meteoroloji ve oşinografi subayı; stratejik hareket subayı; askeri harekat desteği
İngilizce - İngilizce
The condition of being mobile
A measure of the extent to which something is mobile
The movement of people or things
Ease of movement between economic conditions
The ability of radionuclides to move through food chains in the environment
The movement of people and goods
{i} movability; ability to move; portability; agility; ability to change
The ability of a person or people to travel from one place to another
Capable of moving or of being moved from place to place Moving quickly from one place to another; flowing freely
The quality or state of being mobile; capable of moving or being moved
{n} the populace, activity, inconsistency
– the magnitude of the drift velocity per unit field (see equation 31 6)
The velocity of a charged particle attained under the action of an applied electric field
In an attempt to capture migration subgroups, students are categorized as being in the district for less than or for more than one school year
The student mobility rate is based on the number of students who enroll in or leave a school during the school year Students may be counted more than once
Within the MoVi, the notion of mobility generally refers to changes in the configuration of a network infrastructure (encompassing the user) that is created by significant changes in the location of components of this infrastructure Some typical examples of this are
ability to move
The ability of people to move round an area, including careers of young children, older people, people with mobility or sensory impairments, or those encumbered with luggage or shopping Mobility can be expressed in policy and guidance in terms of compliance with statutory standards, and can be illustrated on plans
The mob; the lower classes
the quality of moving freely
Usually the movement of people or goods, but sometimes the ease of movement of people or goods
fencing movements utilized to break or gain ground or to reach opponent on an attack
The ability to move one's chess pieces to all areas of the board quickly
(from Campus Profile Section): A student is considered to be mobile if he or she has been in membership at the school for less than 83% of the school year (i e , has missed six or more weeks at a particular school)
freedom of movement
The ability to move or be moved easily
The word is used to stress the different inside-otuside connections that travel or displacement involves Culture is presented by Clifford as a movement of people marked by gender, class, race In their inevitable "dwelling-in-travelling" they produce a variety of cultural expressions Mobility is related to immigration (how much are you free to be moveable?), tourism, even the concept of the flaneur as well as the problem of preserving one's national identity and tradition In the same respect, in The Predicament of Culture, he mentions Segalen's point of view on the modern experience of displacement: self and other a sequence of encounters, detours, with the stable identity of each at issue
First Century travel was relatively easy and safe compared to earlier times It helped in the spread of Christianity Network of Roman roads connecting cities developed for military and postal needs and well maintained under the peace and order of the Roman Empire Sea routes (Apr to Nov) connected Rome, Antioch, Carthage, Caesarea, and Alexandria Hospitality of Christians made traveling affordable (JY)
The quality or state of being mobile; as, the mobility of a liquid, of an army, of the populace, of features, of a muscle
The freedom of movement of your pieces See the lesson on Evaluating Positions
The number of times a student moves from school to school or district to district in a given year (frequent school or residence changes)
capable of moving or being moved
The ability of particles and substances to move, either by random motion or under the influence of fields or forces
The ability to move safely and efficiently from one point to another The term is used with "orientation" to describe specialized training for students with visual impairments
mobility kill
The damage inflicted by a weapon on a vehicle that immobilises it, but does not totally destroy it, leaving the vehicle's crew able to use its weapons. Typically this term is used to refer to tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles that have their engines, tracks, or running gear damaged
mobility kill
A mobility kill (or M-kill) in armoured warfare refers to damage inflicted by a weapon on a vehicle that immobilises it, but does not totally destroy it, leaving the vehicle's crew able to use its weapons. Typically this term is used to refer to tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles that have their engines, tracks, or running gear damaged. Because of the mobile nature of modern warfare, such a vehicle is often effectively useless on the battlefield, but it may be salvaged, repaired, and brought back into action quickly
economic mobility
The ability of an individual or family to improve their income, and social status, an individual lifetime or between generations
social mobility
The degree to which, in a given society, an individual's, family's, or group's social status can change throughout the course of their life through a system of social hierarchy or stratification
social mobility
being able to move from place to place, ability to change positions
capital mobility
(Ekonomi) the ability of money to cross national borders
capital mobility
(Ekonomi) the free flow of money in and out of a country
labor mobility
ability to change a job role and/or the location of employment
operational mobility
ability to move about on a battlefield depending on the type of combat forces
upward mobility
improvement in the socioeconomic situation
upward mobility
The state of being upwardly mobile