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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A computer smaller than a mainframe, but larger than a microcomputer
n 1 Any multi-user computer employing one or more single chip CPU's, fixed microcode, memory management unit and multitasking operating system 2 A computer larger then a MicroComputer but smaller than a Mainframe
A medium sized, general purpose single processor computer often used to control GIS
size of computer between the PC and a main frame Originally developed to do tasks requiring intensive calculations to relieve the load on the main frame
{i} multiprocessing computer that can serve between 4 and 200 users simultaneously (Computers)
– Computer system designed to meet the processing needs of a small- to medium-sized group of interactive users (e g , several dozen)
A small or medium scale central computer (such as those manufactured by DEC, Data General or Hewlett Packard) designed to be accessed by dumb terminals Compare with Microcomputer and Main Frame
One step down from a mainframe, these computers are also very powerful but are generally smaller than a mainframe Though traditionally large (refridgerator size), these computers are becoming smaller due to advances in technology
A traditional view of computing saw three main categories of computers: mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers Minicomputers offered an intermediate stage between the power of mainframe systems and the relatively low cost of microcomputer systems
a digital computer of medium size
A smaller computer than a mainframe, designed originally for use in laboratories and containing everything in one box
A computer produced as a stand-alone unit by a vendor with a narrow, but specific, range of capabilities A minicomputer may be used by a vendor as a modular component of a larger mainframe unit
Archaic A multi-user computer capable of supporting 4 - 16 simultaneous users
a computer that is larger than a personal computer and smaller than a mainframe, used by businesses and other large organizations
Considered to be more capable than a microcomputer but less powerful than a mainframe Generally, the WORD-WIDTH of the minicomputer is between 12 to 32 bits
  See computer
A mid-sized computer that can function as a workstation or a multi-user system
A small or medium scale central computer designed to be accessed by dumb terminals Compare with Microcomputer and Mainframe
A computer that can be afforded on the budget of a middle-level manager
A small digital computer, normally able to process and store less data than a mainframe but more than a microcomputer while doing so less rapidly than a mainframe but more rapidly than a microcomputer See also COMPUTER, MAINFRAME COMPUTER, MICROCOMPUTER
A compact computer, sometimes only slightly larger than a microcomputer, but more powerful, and usually suited to a particular application
Minicomputer (sometimes called a mid-range computer) is designed to meet the computing needs for several people simultaneously in a small to medium size business environment
Wife of Ottocomputer
A computer that is larger than a microcomputer and less powerful than a mainframe computer
Multi-user systems that do not necessarily come as complete systems and that are often used in offices where there is already lots of different equipment made by different manufacturers
A mid-sized computer, perhaps capable of supporting from 4 to about 200 simultaneous Users In terms of size and power, minicomputers lie between Workstations and Mainframes
A term used to identify computers not as large or powerful as a mainframe computer and larger than a microcomputer
A small-scale or medium-scale computer (such as those made by Data General, DEC, Hewlett-Packard and others) that usually services dumb terminals Contrast with mainframe computer and desktop computer
A computer about the size of a two-drawer filing cabinet, between a micro and mainframe in power
A minicomputer
plural of minicomputer