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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom bilyelerini kaybetmiş olmalı. - Tom must've lost his marbles.

Çocuklar bilye oynuyorlar. - The children are playing marbles.


Bu heykel mermerden yapılmıştır. - This statue is made of marble.

Ellerini mermer kadar soğuk hissetti. - Her hands felt as cold as marble.

(İnşaat) harelemek

Sen misketlerini kaybediyorsun. - You're losing your marbles.

{s} duygusuz
{s} mermerden yapılmış

Bu heykel mermerden yapılmıştır. - This statue is made of marble.

mermer gibi düz
mermerden yapılmış sanat eseri veya kitabe
mermer heykel koleksiyonu
{i} çoğ. misket oyunu
{f} ebrulamak
{s} soğuk

Ellerini mermer kadar soğuk hissetti. - Her hands felt as cold as marble.


Onlar mermerden bir heykel yontuyorlar. - They are chiseling a statue out of marble.

Bina en güzel renkte mermerden inşa edilmiştir. - The building is built of marble of a most lovely color.

{s} damarlı
{f} mermer gibi boyamak
mermer gibi damarlı
soğuk veya sert olan şey
zıpzıp oyunu
mermer taklidi
marble orchard
tahtalı köy
marble quarry
mermer ocağı
marble bathroom
mermer banyo
marble cake
mermer kek
marble mortar
(mutfak) Havan
marble slab
mermer levha
marble aggregate
(İnşaat) mermer kırığı agrega
marble cement
(İnşaat) şaplı alçı
marble cement
(İnşaat) mermer çimentosu
marble chips
(İnşaat) mermer pirinci
marble facing
(İnşaat) mermer kaplama cephe
marble flag pavement
(İnşaat) mermer plak kaplama
marble industry and trade
mermer endüstrisi ve ticareti
marble layer
(İnşaat) mermerci
marble masthead
mermer künyesi
marble paving
marble saw
(İnşaat) mermer testeresi
marble sidebar
(Bilgisayar) mermer kenar çubuğu
marble web site
(Bilgisayar) mermer web sitesi
(isim) Ebru

Sen misketlerini kaybediyorsun. - You're losing your marbles.

akli melekeler
akli denge

he has lost his marbles - akli dengesini kaybetmiş durumda.

misket oyunu
artificial marble
suni mermer
green marble
yeşil mermer
lose your marble
senin mermer kaybetmek
(Sanat) Türk ebru sanatı
mermer gibi
agate marble tissue paper
(Tekstil) akik taşından dokunmuş kağıt
artificial marble
(İnşaat) yapay mermer
brown marble
kahverengi mermer
carrara marble
karara mermeri
like marble
mermer gibi
mermer gibi
{s} mermer döşeli
(isim) misketler
heykel takımı/bilye oyun
bilya oyunu
mermer benzetmesi
veined marble
damarlı mermer
İngilizce - İngilizce
To give the appearance of the streaks and swirls of types of certain marble, as by incomplete mixing of viscous ingredients or by uneven application of paint or other colorant
A rock of crystalline limestone

Open thy marble jaws, O tomb / And hide me, earth, in thy dark womb.—George Frederic Handel, Jeptha.

A small spherical ball of rock or glass used in children's games
To be interlaced with fat
{v} to vein, form or stain, like marble
{n} a fine hard stone, a little ball of stone
{a} made of or variegated like marble
a small ball of glass that is used in various games a sculpture carved from marble a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material paint or stain like marble; "marble paper
- Limestone flooring known for its elegant appearance created by polishing its very hard surface Now available in tiles
Limestone flooring known for its elegant appearance created by polishing its very hard surface Now available in tiles
A little ball of marble, or of some other hard substance, used as a plaything by children; or, in the plural, a child's game played with marbles
A marble is one of the small balls used in the game of marbles. Granular limestone or dolomite that has recrystallized under the influence of heat, pressure, and aqueous solutions. The main mineral in marble is calcite. Commercially, "marble" includes all decorative calcium-rich rocks that can be polished, as well as some serpentines. Marbles are used principally for buildings and monuments, interior decoration, statuary, tabletops, and novelties. Colour and appearance are their most important qualities. Statuary marble, the most valuable variety, must be pure white and of uniform grain size
a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material
A small spherical ball of rock or glass used in childrens games
Made of, or resembling, marble; as, a marble mantel; marble paper
Crystallized limestone, capable of taking a high polish Used as flooring or as tabletops, it has a very hard surface and elegant appearance, but it stains easily and needs regular waxing
a metamorphic rock formed from limestone or dolomite, often irregularly colored by impurities and used especially in architecture and sculpture - BACK>>
{f} cause to resemble marble, apply decorative material or color to give the appearance of marble
A thing made of, or resembling, marble, as a work of art, or record, in marble; or, in the plural, a collection of such works; as, the Arundel or Arundelian marbles; the Elgin marbles
The name is also given to other rocks of like use and appearance, as serpentine or verd antique marble, and less properly to polished porphyry, granite, etc
a metamorphic rock used as a decoration for floors and buildings,made of calcite MATTER something that ocupies space and has weight METAMORPHIC rocks changed by tempature and pressure within the crust of the earth
Marbles are sculptures made of marble. marbles and bronzes from the Golden Age of Athens
{s} of or made from marble; marblelike; apathetic, cold
A metamorphic rock formed from limestone More info -
Cold; hard; unfeeling; as, a marble breast or heart
A metamorphic rock created by the exposure of limestone to the heat, pressure and chemical activity of metamorphism
Marble is a type of very hard rock which feels cold when you touch it and which shines when it is cut and polished. Statues and parts of buildings are sometimes made of marble. The house has a superb staircase made from oak and marble
Metamorphic rock created by the recrystallization of calcite and/or dolomite
A coarse-grained, nonfoliated metamorphic rock derived from limestone or dolostone
Flooring with very hard surface and elegant appearance It stains easily and needs regular waxing
Limestone flooring known for its elegant appearance created by polishing its very hard surface Now available in tiles Mosaic tile: Small ceramic tile-- hard porcelain or glass, glazed or unglazed-- mounted on a backing for ease of installation Often mosaic tiles are used to create designs for walls and floors
paint or stain like marble; "marble paper"
The color varies from white to black, being sometimes yellow, red, and green, and frequently beautifully veined or clouded
Metamorphosed limestone or dolomite
{i} crystalized limestone used in flooring and sculpture; small glass ball used as a children's toy
a sculpture carved from marble
metamorphosed limestone and is coarser grained than limestone, with banding indicating that flow occurred in the rock under high pressure
A soft, fine to coarsely crystalline, massive metamorphic rock which forms from limestone or dolomite It is distinguished by its softness, acid reaction, lack of fossils, and sugary appearance on freshly broken surfaces
To stain or vein like marble; to variegate in color; as, to marble the edges of a book, or the surface of paper
A massive, compact limestone; a variety of calcite, capable of being polished and used for architectural and ornamental purposes
A hard, crystalline or granular, metamorphic limestone which is white or variously colored and streaked or mottled   It can take a high polish and is much used in sculpture and architecture
Limestone when subject to high temperature and/or pressure changes into marble by totally recrystallising The term 'marble' is used by non-geologists to denote any stone which can be polished, but few of these are real marble 'Ashford marble' from Derbyshire is just a black limestone In geological terms the only true marbles are metamorphosed limestones
Marbles is a children's game played with small balls, usually made of coloured glass. You roll a ball along the ground and try to hit an opponent's ball with it. On the far side of the street, two boys were playing marbles
Relatively soft stone which takes on a good polish; much used in building and sculpture
a small ball of glass that is used in various games
1 A metamorphic rock made up largely of calcite or dolomite 2 A rock that will polish and that is composed mainly of calcite or dolomite or, rarely, serpentine Artificial Marble Precast terrazzo
a metamorphic rock composed of calcite Essentially a metamorphosed limestone
marble cake
A cake with two or more colors of ingredients which gives a marble pattern to the interior of the cake
marble cakes
plural form of marble cake
marble cheese
A white and orange, mild, hard cheese usually made from two different varieties of cheese. Common cheeses used include cheddar, Colby cheese and Monterey Jack
marble orchard
A cemetery
marble orchards
plural form of marble orchard
Marble Arch
a large white stone arch in central London, where several big roads meet, including Oxford Street and Park Lane. It was built to celebrate the military victories of Nelson
marble cake
made of light and dark batter very lightly blended
marble cake
A cake with a streaked or mottled appearance achieved by mixing light and dark batter
marble cake
cake which is partly white and black, mixed chocolate and vanilla cake
marble statue
large carved figure made of marble
Interlaced with fat
Having marbling
Resembling marble
Simple past tense and past participle of marble
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of marble
Any of several children's games played with small glass balls

Egyptian boys played marbles before the days of Moses, and marbles are among the treasures found buried in the ruins of Pompeii.

Tokens of sanity. (Esp. all one's marbles and lose one's marbles.)

The lady-tramp might be one or two marbles short of a set.

plural form of marble

Egyptian boys played marbles before the days of Moses, and marbles are among the treasures found buried in the ruins of Pompeii.

The process of adding such an appearance, especially as a decoration
as cold as marble
cold; lifeless; unfeeling
as hard as marble
very hard
patterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble; "marbleized pink skin
Made of, or faced with, marble
Composed of marble; having a marble exterior
Varied with irregular markings, or witch a confused blending of irregular spots and streaks
"'Coloured or stained with variegated patterns like those of marble, 1671', says SOED Marbled paper, used since the later part of the 17th century for the sides of binding and for endpapers, is made by lowering a sheet of paper on to a bath of thin SIZE, on the surface of which colours have been stirred with a stick or comb into a pattern ..."
patterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble; "marbleized pink skin"
Something that is marbled has a pattern or colouring like that of marble. green marbled soap
sometimes of edges but more usually of endpapers or the paper covering of bds and occasionally of calf, a decoration to resemble the veined effect of marble
in pen terms, it is the mottled or swirled effect from combining different colors of plastic
Made to resemble marble; veined or spotted like marble
past of marble
Excess rubber build-up and other debris above the upper groove on the race track
Bits of auto debris, such as dried oil or torn off pieces of tires, that lie on the track and make it hard for the tires to keep their hold on the track
{i} children's game played with marbles; sanity, sense of reality (Slang)
Loose debris on the edge of the track, which causes loss of traction, and usually a trip into the wall
any of several childrens games played with small glass balls
a children's game played with little balls made of a hard substance (as glass)
A See Loose stuff
plural of marble
[from mainstream "lost all his/her marbles"] pl n The minimum needed to build your way further up some hierarchy of tools or abstractions After a bad system crash, you need to determine if the machine has enough marbles to come up on its own, or enough marbles to allow a rebuild from backups, or if you need to rebuild from scratch "This compiler doesn't even have enough marbles to compile {hello, world} "
Loose dirt on the edge of the track Contains little or no traction and can result into hitting the track's wall
Loose balls of track surface that have been pulled up at the corners by the grippiness of the cars' tyres These can then catch out those drivers drifting off the racing line
the basic human power of intelligent thought and perception; "he used his wits to get ahead"; "I was scared out of my wits"; "he still had all his marbles and was in full possession of a lively mind"
Bits of tire debris that lie on the track, usually along the outer edge, and makes it hard for the tires to retain traction when passing theu this debris
Addition of strongly stained fibres to the stock to give the paper a marbled appearance
The art or practice of variegating in color, in imitation of marble
Amount of visible fat within the lean of a meat cut; also referred to as intramuscular fat
Small flecks of fat interspersed through meat, which add flavor and tenderness
Process of painting wood or other material to simulate the color and markings of marble
{i} application of decorative material to a surface to give the appearance of marble
A mottled or streaky appearance
the intermixture of fat and lean in a cut of meat
The idea is that you float fabric paints on the surface of a thick liquid that you prepare (called "Size"), kind of like oil on water The floating paints can be swirled and mixed into patterns When you lay a treated shirt, piece of fabric or paper down on top of the paint, the paint adheres to the fabric exactly where it touches The swirl patterns of colored paint are transferred to the shirt or fabric Each design is unique and can never be repeated As a technique, it's both easy and hard It's easy to do and great safe fun for kids It's hard in that the more you do the better results you will get and the difference between your early designs and your later designs will be very noticeable
present participle of marble
interstitial fat; the fat within muscle tissue Marbling is an important factor in the flavour and tenderness of beef Galloway by Choice beef is highly marbled
A faux technique to replicate the look of marble using paint, applied directly to the wood surface
An intermixture of fat and lean in meat, giving it a marbled appearance
Distinct markings resembling the variegations of marble, as on birds and insects
Containing, or resembling, marble
petworth marble
A kind of shell marble occurring in the Wealden clay at Petworth, in Sussex, England; called also Sussex marble
smooth as marble
extremely smooth, not at all rough or coarse
Türkçe - İngilizce

marble teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

göbek taşı heated marble slab
to lie on for sweating in a Turkish bath



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    Eş anlamlılar

    marbleize, marbelize


    /ˈmärbəl/ /ˈmɑːrbəl/


    [ 'mär-b&l ] (noun.) 12th century. From Anglo-Norman and Old French marbre, from Latin marmor, from Ancient Greek μάρμαρος (marmaros), perhaps related to μαρμάρεος (marmareos, “gleaming”). Much of the early classical marble came from the 'Marmaris' sea above the Aegean. The forms from French replaced Old English marma, which had already been borrowed directly from the Latin.


    ... the marble columns the ornate decoration nothing was beautiful enough for this ...
    ... to settle sumptuous and lavishly decorated marble residences ...

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