mal olmak

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Türkçe - İngilizce

It costs three dollars. - O, üç dolara mal olmaktadır.

That book costs 3,000 yen. - O kitap 3.000 yene mal olmaktadır.

1. (for something) to cost (someone) (a certain amount). 2. to cost (someone his life): İçki hayatına mal oldu. Drink was the death of him. 3. (for something) to be accepted by, be taken up by; to capture the mind of
knock back
set back
to cost, to set sb back sth
(deyim) come out at
took 3 years, I lost 3 years (negative), cost in time (it cost me 3 years)

3 yılıma maloldu.

epey pahalıya mal olmak
cost a pretty penny
pahalıya mal olmak
(oturmak) to cost (someone) a lot
pahalıya mal olmak
cost much
pahalıya mal olmak
be too expensive
tarihe mâl olmak
make history
tuzluya mal olmak/oturmak/patlamak
to cost (someone) a bundle
çoka mal olmak
to cost a lot
mal olmak