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içki şişesi
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{i} büyük şişe
şarap veya sert içkilere mahsus büyük şişe magnum opus edebiyat veya sanatta şaheser
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magnum opus
magnum opus
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magnum opus
i., edeb., güz. san. başyapıt, şaheser
foramen magnum
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İngilizce - İngilizce
A bottle of wine containing 1.5 liters of fluid, double the volume of a standard bottle
A gun calibre larger than, or derived from, a smaller similar cartridge

I know what you're thinking — Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. But, being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?.

A family of high-powered or high-velocity cartridges which often have larger cases than usual for their caliber They often use a belted case
a paperweight with a diameter exceeding 3 inches
1 5 liters, or two regular bottles
bottle size (2 bottles) 1 6 litres
The contents of this bottle are twice as much as the capacity of a normal bottle In other words this bottle contains one and a half litres Bottles with a large capacity, like the magnum, allow certain red wines to age better
An oversized bottle that holds 1 5 liters
A bone of the carpus at the base of the third metacarpal bone
A magnum is a wine bottle holding the equivalent of two normal bottles, approximately 1.5 litres. a magnum of champagne
A Marvin trade name for their heavily constructed commercial window products
A term indicating a relatively heavily loaded metallic cartridge or shotshell and, by extension, a gun safely constructed to fire it
a large wine bottle for liquor or wine
Migraine Awareness Group: A New Understanding for Migraineurs (the National Migraine Association)
> For wine, this is equivalent to two regular bottles (or 1 5 liters)
An oversized bottle that holds 1 5 litres
A large wine bottle
A large, double-sized bottle
{i} large wine bottle; type of gun; os magnum, bone in the palm of the hand (Anatomy)
An oversized bottle that holds 1 5 liters, or two 750 milliliter bottles
In the oviduct of the female chicken, it is the region that secretes most of the albumen around the ovum as it travels down the oviduct
A bottle containing twice the normal amount of 75cl
A weight over 3 inches in diameter - there is some disagreement over this - some saying 4 inches would be more suitable because of the size of current American weights Marbrie A paperweight decorated with feathering usually coloured loops on white Marver A flat metal surface on which the gather of glass on the pontil rod is shaped by rolling it backwards and forwards Metal Technical term for molten glass Millefiori Means 'a thousand flowers' in Italian - another word for canes Miniature A paperweight under two inches in diameter Muslin See latticinio Back to Top
Oversized bottle of 1 5 liters, having about twice the capacity of a standard 750-ml wine bottle
Oversize bottle, twice the size of a standard 750 ml wine bottle
magnum opi
plural form of magnum opus
magnum opus
The best, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an author or artist, representing his major life effort
magnum opus
A great work of literature or art, a masterpiece
magnum opus
a great work of art or literature
magnum opus
{i} great work, masterpiece
magnum opus
A magnum opus is the greatest or most important work produced by a writer, artist, musician, or academic. Gadamer's magnum opus `Truth and Method'. the most important piece of work by a writer or artist
belted magnum
a very large rifle cartridge that incorporates a strong ring of metal around its base for strength
double magnum
A bottle of wine (usually Bordeaux) containing 3 liters of fluid, four times the volume of a standard bottle
foramen magnum
The large orifice in the base of the skull through which the spinal cord passes to the cranial cavity and becomes continuous with the medulla oblongata
foramen magnum
the large opening at the base of the cranium through which the spinal cord passes
plural of magnum



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    /ˈmagnəm/ /ˈmæɡnəm/


    [ 'mag-n&m ] (noun.) 1788. From Latin magnum (“great”)

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    magnum opus

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