machine gun

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İngilizce - Türkçe
makineli tüfek

O, bir makineli tüfekle onu vurdu. - She shot him with a machine gun.

Mafya babası makineli tüfek ateşi yağmurunda öldürüldü. - The mafia boss was killed in a hail of machine gun fire.

makinalı tabanca,makineli tüfek
(Askeri) MAKİNALI TÜFEK: 7.62 NATO mermisi atan ve tanklara monte edilmiş 30 kalibrelik silahların yerini alan, sandık kısmı kısa bir makinalı tüfek
machine gun battery
(Askeri) MAKİNALI TÜFEK GRUBU: Bak. "battery"
machine gun nest
(Askeri) MAKİNALI TÜFEK YUVASI: Genel olarak gizli ve tahkim edilmiş bir makinalı tüfek mevzii
machine gun nets
(Askeri) Makinalı tüfek yuvası
machine gun position
(Askeri) M.T. mevzii
light machine gun
hafif makineli tüfek
light machine gun
hafif makinalı tüfek
light machine gun
hafif makinali tüfek
makineli tüfek
belt of machine gun
(Askeri) Makinalı tüfek şeridi
browning machine gun
(Askeri) browning makineli tüfeği
browning machine gun
(Askeri) BROWNING MAKİNELİ TÜFEĞİ: 7,62 veya 12.7 mm. lik makinalı tüfek
coaxial machine gun
(Askeri) KULE MAKİNALI TÜFEĞİ: Bir tank kulesine monte edilmiş ve ateş hattı, aynı mesnet üzerinde bulunan topun ateş hattına tamamen paralel makinalı tüfek
fixed alignment of the machine gun
(Askeri) Makineli tüfeğin sabit atışı
light machine gun
(Askeri) HAFİF MAKİNALI TÜFEK: 7,62 mm. veya daha küçük çapta, hava ile soğutulur, bez veya madeni şeritle, darbe halinde, sürekli atış yapar ve, çok fena, bir mesnet üzerinden, geri tepme tesiriyle ateş eder bir silah
İngilizce - İngilizce
A type of firearm that continuously fires bullets in rapid succession
gun that fires automatically
A machine gun is a gun which fires a lot of bullets one after the other very quickly. a burst of machine-gun fire. see also sub-machine gun. A gun that fires rapidly and repeatedly. a gun that fires a lot of bullets very quickly. Automatic weapon capable of rapid, sustained fire, usually 500-1,000 rounds per minute. Developed in the late 19th century by such inventors as Hiram Maxim, it profoundly altered modern warfare. The World War I battlefield was dominated by the belt-fed machine gun, which remained little changed into World War II. Modern machine guns are classified into three groups: the squad automatic weapon, chambered for small-calibre assault-rifle ammunition and operated by one soldier; the general-purpose machine gun, firing full-power rifle ammunition and operated by two; and the heavy machine gun, firing rounds of 12.7 mm (.5 in) or higher and often mounted on an armoured vehicle. See also submachine gun
Automatic firearm which fires rifle-caliber or larger ammunition and is capable of continuous fire Subcategories include: squad automatic weapons (SAW) or light (LMG), general-purpose (GPMG), and heavy (HMG)
shoot with a machine gun
a rapidly firing automatic gun (often mounted)
a rapidly firing automatic gun (often mounted) shoot with a machine gun
An automatic, rapid-fire weapon that is fired from a mount
A firearm of military significance, often crew-served, that on trigger depression automatically feeds and fires cartridges of rifle size or greater Civilian ownership in the U S has been heavily curtailed and federally regulated since 1934
Machine Gun Kelly
George Kelly Barnes (1895-1954), legendary American outlaw from the 1920s (dealt in bootlegged liquor, bank robberies, kidnapping, and more)
machine guns
plural form of machine gun
To fire a machine gun
To kill people with a machine gun
Alternative spelling of machine gun
Alternative spelling of machine-gun

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Browning machine gun
A.30- or.50-caliber automatic belt-fed, air-cooled or water-cooled machine gun capable of firing ammunition at a rate of more than 500 rounds per minute, used by U.S. troops in World War II and the Korean War
Maxim machine gun
first efficient machine gun which was sufficiently mobile to be used in combat
browning machine gun
a belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute; used by United States troops in World War II and the Korean War
grenade machine gun
automatic weapon which fires grenades one after another (further than a man can throw them)
heavy machine gun
hmg, heavy gun which automatically fires ammunition (fired from a tripod)
light machine gun
An air-cooled machine gun not greater than.30 caliber
light machine gun
30 millimeter
light machine gun
a submachine gun not greater than
to shoot at someone or something with a machine gun
medium machine gun
machine gun that can fire rapidly for extended periods of time, machine gun that has a built in tripod, machine gun that uses a chain of bullets
sub machine gun
light automatic firearm
sub-machine gun
A sub-machine gun is a light portable type of machine gun
vickersmaxim automatic machine gun
An automatic machine gun in which the mechanism is worked by the recoil, assisted by the pressure of gases from the muzzle, which expand in a gas chamber against a disk attached to the end of the barrel, thus moving the latter to the rear with increased recoil, and against the front wall of the gas chamber, checking the recoil of the system
machine gun