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İngilizce - İngilizce
A small stone artifact, probably an arrowhead, with a blunt straight edge and a sharpened, crescent-shaped back, especially characteristic of the Mesolithic Period
Shaped like a crescent
{a} formed like a half moon
{s} having a similar appearance to the new moon, shaped like a crescent or half-moon, semilunar
Crescent-shaped; as, a lunate leaf; a lunate beak; a lunated cross
lunate bone
One of the carpal bones of the wrist
lunate sigma
Form of the Greek letter sigma used in Medieval Greek and occasionally in Greek Orthodox Church transcriptions
lunate sigmas
plural form of lunate sigma
lunate bone
one of the eight small wrist bones
lunate bone
The second of three bones forming the proximal row of bones in the wrist. Also called semilunar bone





    [ 'lü-"nAt ] (adjective.) circa 1777. Latin lunatus, past participle of lunare to bend in a crescent, from luna.