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İngilizce - Türkçe

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Bu şarkı o kadar acıklı ki gözlerimi yaşarttı. - This song is so moving that it brings tears to my eyes.

Annem gözlerinde yaşlarla bana baktı. - Mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

İngilizce - İngilizce
A female given name
A surname derived from place names in Normandy based on a male personal name, from Latin Lucius
the pike (a kind of fish)

That a lucy or luce is the mature pike, every piscatorial schoolboy knows.

A female given name, the Anglicized feminine of Lucius
The skeletal remains of a female hominid, Australopithecus afarensis, found in Tanzania in 1974 and dated at about 3 million years old. Lucy is the most complete australopithecine skeleton yet discovered, being about 40 percent intact
Nickname for a remarkably complete (40% intact) hominid skeleton found by Donald Johanson at Hadar, Eth. , in 1974 and dated to 3.2 million years ago. The specimen is usually classified as Australopithecus afarensis (see Australopithecus) and suggests by virtue of its having long arms, short legs, an apelike chest and jaw, and a small brain but a relatively humanlike pelvis that bipedal locomotion preceded the development of a larger (more humanlike) brain in hominid evolution. Lucy stood about 3 ft 7 in. (109 cm) and weighed about 60 lbs (27 kg). See also Hadar remains; Laetoli footprints; Sterkfontein
{i} female first name (form of Lucille)
incomplete skeleton of female found in eastern Ethiopia in 1974
Lucy Maud Montgomery
born Nov. 30, 1874, Clifton, P.E.I., Can. died April 24, 1942, Toronto, Ont. Canadian novelist. She worked as a teacher and journalist before achieving worldwide success with Anne of Green Gables (1908). The sentimental story of a spirited orphan girl, it drew on her childhood experiences and the rural life of her native Prince Edward Island. Six sequels, following Anne through motherhood, were less successful. Montgomery also produced another series of juvenile books, several collections of stories, and two books for adults
Lucy Stone
born Aug. 13, 1818, West Brookfield, Mass., U.S. died Oct. 18, 1893, Dorchester, Mass. U.S. pioneer in the woman suffrage movement. A graduate of Oberlin College (1847), she became a lecturer for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. She soon began speaking for women's rights and helped organize women's-rights conventions in the 1850s. She retained her own name after her marriage to Henry Blackwell (1825-1909) as a protest against the unequal laws applicable to married women; other women who later chose to do the same called themselves "Lucy Stoners." In 1869 she and Blackwell helped establish the American Woman Suffrage Association and founded the influential suffrage magazine Woman's Journal, which they edited until their deaths. They were assisted by their daughter Alice Stone Blackwell (1857-1950), who served as chief editor (1893-1917)
A female given name

Have you named your new doll? / I shall call her Luci, Violet said. Luci. / Why do you spell it like that? / I didn't spell it, Mama. It's the way Luci spells her name..

I Love Lucy
1950s television sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz



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    /ˈlo͞osē/ /ˈluːsiː/


    () From Latin lūcius.