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İngilizce - İngilizce
A symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an institution or other entity, usually referred to as a logo
A single type combining two or more letters; a ligature
A company or brand name rendered in a specific graphical style, font, or color This differs from a logo, which is usually an icon representing the company or brand
Two or more type characters that are combined as a sign or trademark
A brand name, publication title, or the like, presented in a special lettering style or typeface and used in the manner of a trademark
called also ligature
A graphic treatment of text, or a combination of text and graphics, that identifies a company or a product
- The stylized lettering often employed in a logo
a company emblem or device
A company's name or a recognized symbol, used as a trademark in advertising and on letterhead and business cards
{i} piece of cast type having two or more uncombined letters (Printing); logo, graphic symbol
A name, symbol, or mark used to identify a company, or trademark Logotype is also a method of application of printed matter onto a carton or surface, where the image to be printed is sequentially placed on a rotary coder, inked, and applied to passing surfaces Logotype has traditionally printed human-readable characters and is moving toward the printing of discrete bar codes
A symbol used by a group or organization, usually referred to as a logo
Often referred to as logo Identification image which includes letters
A brand name rendered in a dedicated type treatment, sometimes accompanied by a stylized symbol, all set in a fixed configuration
A specific and unique group of letterforms or symbols that represents the firm brand
A personalized type or design symbol for a company or product
Lettering characteristic to a particular oil company, used without the accompanying logo design