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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Ahlak Bilimi) Ltd Şti
limited liability corporation
limited şirket
İngilizce - İngilizce
Logical Link Control: one of the two functions of a NIC
Limited liability company
{i} business or company organized in such a manner that its owners and shareholders are not personally liable for debts or other business liabilities (such as damages from lawsuits)
limited liability corporation
A data link protocol based or HDLC, developed for LANs by the IEEE 802 Committee and consequently common to all LAN standards for Data Link OSI Layer Two transmission
  Abbreviation for logical link control   See logical link control sublayer
Logic Link Control A sublayer of the Data Link layer which passes data to the MAC layer
Logical Link Control (IEEE 802 2)
A protocol developed by the IEEE 802 committee for data-link-layer transmission control; the upper sublayer of the IEEE Layer 2 (OSI) protocol that complements the MAC protocol; IEEE standard 802 2; includes end-system addressing and error checking
Logical Link Control An IEEE network standard (#802 2) that fits within the ISO/OSI Layer 2: data link layer, on top of the MAC sub-layer It deals with error detection, flow control, and frame formats
A type of company whose owners and managers receive the limited liability and tax benefits of an S Corporation without having to conform to the S corporation restrictions
Logical Link Control
also called Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) It a new type of partnership that is now permitted in many states Unlike a regular and limited partnership, in an LLC, all partners enjoy limited liability with regard to business's liabilities, and, in that regard, they are similar to shareholders in a corporation
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Logical Link Control is an interface that defines several common interfaces between higher-level protocols (for example, IP) and the networks they ride upon (for example, Ethernet, Token Ring, and others)
Logical Link Control, a sublayer of the data link layer for media independent data link functions
Logical Link Control An IEEE-defined sublayer of the OSI link layer, handling error control, flow control, and framing
See: Logical Link Control [RFC 1983]
The LLC form is different for different states, with some real advantages in some states that aren't relevant in others An LLC is usually a lot like an S corporation, a combination of some limitatiuon on legal liability and some favorable tax treatment for profits and transfer of assets This is a newer form of legal entity, and often harder to establish than a corporation Why would you establish an LLC instead of a corporation? That's a tough legal question, not one we can answer here In general, the LLC has to be missing two of the four characteristics of a corporation (limited liability, centralized management, continuity of life, and free transferability of ownership interest) Still, with the advisability and advantages varying from state to state, here again, this is a question to take to a good local attorney with small business experience
Logical Link Control A standardized protocol and service interface provided at the data link layer and independent of any specific LAN technology Specified in the IEEE 802 2 standard
Logical Link Control Higher of the two data link layer sublayers defined by the IEEE The LLC sublayer handles error control, flow control, framing, and MAC-sublayer addressing The most prevalent LLC protocol is IEEE 802 2, which includes both connectionless and connection-oriented variants See also data-link control layer and MAC