let off the hook

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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
(deyim) Allow someone to escape from a difficult situation or to avoid doing something that they do not want to do

John's agreed to go to the meeting in my place, so that lets me off the hook.

off the hook
Of a telephone, having an open connection; not hung up

I think he left the phone off the hook so that nobody would call him.

off the hook
Performing extraordinarily well

That's five three-pointers in a row! Smith is off the hook!.

off the hook
Relieved of a duty, burden, responsibility, or pressure

Without any evidence, the police had to let the suspect off the hook.

off the hook
rescued from a difficult situation, escaped from a trap
off the hook
freed from danger or blame or obligation; "I let him off the hook with a mild reprimand"
let off the hook

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    let ôf dhi hûk


    /ˈlet ˈôf ᴛʜē ˈho͝ok/ /ˈlɛt ˈɔːf ðiː ˈhʊk/

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