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İngilizce - İngilizce
Having the effect of moving the bowels, or aiding digestion and preventing constipation
Any substance, such as a food or in the form of a medicine which has a laxative effect
having power to open or loosen the bowels
{a} relieving costiveness, purging, loose
A laxative medicine
A substance that helps the expulsion of food wastes from the body through the digestive system
{s} tending to stimulate evacuation of the bowels, tending to relieve constipation
a substance which promotes bowel movements Laxatives are divided into those that work by providing bulk, those that stimulate the production of bile in the liver and its release from the gallbladder, and those which directly trigger peristalsis
bowel stimulant
Stimulating evacuation of the bowels
A gentle cathartic A laxative may act by stimulating the motion of the bowel, moistening the colon, increasing bile secretion, or relieving cramps
Affects digestive system and nutrition due to its ability to loosen and to prevent or treat constipation without irritation and griping to top of page
stimulating evacuation of feces
promotes elimination from the intestines
A substance that promotes bowel movements
Causes the bowels to act
a mild cathartic
{i} medication or other substance which relieves constipation
See the Note under Cathartic
a mild cathartic stimulating evacuation of feces
a substance that stimulates evacuation of the bowels
Having a tendency to loosen or relax
A laxative is food or medicine that you take to make you go to the toilet. Foods that ferment quickly in the stomach are excellent natural laxatives
Having the effect of loosening or opening the intestines, and relieving from constipation; opposed to astringent
A laxative food or medicine is one that you take to make you go to the toilet. The artificial sweetener sorbitol has a laxative effect Molasses are mildly laxative and something of a general tonic. a medicine or something that you eat which makes your bowels empty easily (laxativus, from laxare , from laxus; LAX). Substance that promotes defecation. These include irritants (stimulants) such as cascara sagrada and castor oil, bulk formers such as bran and psyllium, saline laxatives such as Epsom salts or milk of magnesia, glycerin, lubricants such as mineral oil and some vegetable oils, and stool softeners. A high-fibre diet is more important than laxatives in correcting simple intestinal constipation
A laxative
a laxative
plural of laxative
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(Tıp) Laksatif.Tenbih edici.Müshil.Uzun süreli Kabızlık rahatsızlığını hafifletmek üzere kullanılan ilaçlar.Eğer diğer metodlardan sonuç alınamazsa kullanılır.Cathartics(Katartik) olarak da adlandırılır



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    cathartic, purgative


    /ˈlaksətəv/ /ˈlæksətɪv/


    [ 'lak-s&-tiv ] (adjective.) 14th century. Middle English laxatif, from Medieval Latin laxativus, from Latin laxatus, past participle of laxare to loosen, from laxus.

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