kullanılmayıp atılan şey

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Türkçe - İngilizce
cast off
To let go (a cable or rope securing a vessel to a buoy, wharf etc) so that the vessel may proceed
To finish the last row of knitted stitches and remove them securely from the needle
To discard or reject something
Release ropes prior to departure
To unfasten all lines in preparation for departure
If you are on a boat and you cast off, you untie the rope that is keeping the boat in a fixed position. He cast off, heading out to the bay
A finishing technique used on threads using a half-hitch knot [Rees, 1813][Devlin, 1840]
Leading dancer goes down the set and returns around the outside of the line Alternately, all dancers turn outwards at the top of the set and return down the outside of the line
a typographic calculation to work out the space copy will take
get rid of; something that has been gotten rid of
To let go
To untie or loose a rope or line
The releasing of the dog by the handler in the field
a calculation determining how much space copy will take up when typeset
to untie the mooring line (larguer)
Prior to this movement, couples will have danced side-by-side across the set To cast off, partners separate, the gents moving anti-clockwise and the ladies clockwise around the set to meet again in the place opposite that from which they cast off
make the last row of stitches when knitting
1 To let go a line, especially mooring or docking lines; 2 To remove the turns of a line from a cleat; 3 To untie a knot
If you cast off something, you get rid of it because it is no longer necessary or useful to you, or because it is harmful to you. The essay exhorts women to cast off their servitude to husbands and priests
get rid of; "he shed his image as a pushy boss"; "shed your clothes"
kullanılmayıp atılan şey