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Türkçe - İngilizce
(Tıp) confinement
{n} a restraint, an imprisonment
restriction within limits or boundaries
the act of confining or the state of being confined
the state of being confined; "he was held in confinement"
means labour resulting in the issue of a living child or labour after twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy resulting in the issue of a child whether alive or dead
The property of the strong interaction that quarks or gluons are never found separately but only inside color-neutral composite objects
A stay in a hospital or care facility The Claims Administrator determines what is considered to be a confinement
the act of restraining of a person's liberty by confining them the state of being confined; "he was held in confinement
Using a combination of natural and artificial barriers to reduce the chance that a search subject can enter or leave an area without being noticed Examples: rivers, roadblocks, track traps, strings across the trail, infra-red detectors with alarms See also Attraction
Restraint within doors by sickness, esp
The isolation of sensitive data in order to avoid the risk of disclosure
As it pertains to radioactivity, the retention of radioactive material within some specified bounds Confinement differs from containment in that there is no absolute physical barrier in the former
Restraint within limits; imprisonment; any restraint of liberty; seclusion
{i} limitation; imprisonment; childbirth
concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of labor to the birth of a child; "she was in labor for six hours"
The process by which some explosives, e g blackpowder, can change from extremely rapid burning to something approaching detonation For instance, blackpowder confined in a tube will produce a loud report when lit, whilst blackpowder burning loose does not
that caused by childbirth; lying-in
the act of restraining of a person's liberty by confining them