karter pompa

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Türkçe - İngilizce
sump pump
a pump used for the removal of liquid from a sump or sump pit
An automatic water pump used in basements to raise water to the sewer level
A pump that is located in a pit in the lowest area of a basement where water collects from the surface of the floor
An electric pump, usually installed in the basement to prevent water from entering the basement area It empties water from a "well or pit" where it is collected and pumps it to the outside of a home
A suction device, usually operated to remove water or waste which collects in the sump pit or tank
a suction pump for removing liquid from a sump
Automatic pump used to drain excess ground water from basements or crawl spaces
A pump that removes liquid from a sump: Our basement flooded when the sump pump broke
A sump (depression) and pump assembly that receives groundwater infiltration flows collected by weeping tiles located around the foundations of buildings, and pumps the flows up onto the outside ground surface
A submersible pump in a sump pit that pumps any excess ground water to the outside of the home
karter pompa