kalkan saçak silmesi

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Türkçe - İngilizce
Alternative spelling of barge board
The decorative board along the roof edge of a gable which conceals the rafters
Decorated board on a gable edge or eaveline
Trim work at the top of gable end walls below the soffit
A wooden board, often carved in a decorative manner, affixed to the apex of a roof gable to conceal or protect the end of a roof timber
Board fitted to conceal roof timbers at GABLE END
The piece of bodywork mounted vertically between the front wheels and the start of the sidepods to help smooth the airflow around the sides of the car
A board attached to the edge of a sloping roof where it meets an end wall - may be decorated in some house types
An ornamental board sometimes covering the fly rafters of a gable roof With a cornice, it is the fascia board May also be called the vergeboard
An ornamental board attached to the projected eave of a gable roof
{i} triangle-shaped wooden board (often decorated) connected to the roof beam that projects outward
A vergeboard
Boards or other decorative woodwork fixed to the edges or projecting rafters of a gabled roof Sometimes called gingerbread
Decorative board attached to the edge of a roof
kalkan saçak silmesi