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İngilizce - Türkçe
doğrama işleri
i., İng. doğramacılık; marangozluk
{i} doğrama işi
joinery work
(Marangozluk) doğramacılık işleri
İngilizce - İngilizce
A factory producing wooden products such as tables, doors, and cabinets
The work of the joiner
{n} the art of joining wood together
Joinery is the skill and work of a joiner. the trade and work of a joiner carpentry
A term used by woodworkers when referring to the various types of joints used in a structure
Making and fixing wood trimmings on a building
The connecting members of joints in doors, panels, cabinets, etc
Constructed with dovetail or other joints instead of nails of chinese antique furniture
fine woodwork done by a joiner
The art, or trade, of a joiner; the work of a joiner
{i} occupation of a joiner, woodworking, carpentry; work done by a joiner
the craft of a joiner
The art or craft of connecting timbers using wood working joints
Using woodworking techniques to prepare, mill, and assemble cabinets and other projects
joints and joinery
In architecture, the connection of construction materials. All joints are carefully detailed by the architect with concern for strength, movement, penetration by the elements, and incompatibilities. The term joinery refers especially to carpentry. Common types of joints include the dovetail, used for interlocking two flat members at right angles, as in the sides of a drawer; the doweled joint, in which doweling is employed for mechanical strength; and the mortise and tenon, in which a projecting piece fits into a groove, used to join a horizontal member with the vertical member of a frame