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İngilizce - İngilizce
Of a procedure that involves repetition of steps (iteration) to achieve the desired outcome; in computing this may involve a mechanism such as a loop
Expressive of an action that is repeated with frequency
a property of a development process whereby work units are repeated on existing work products to improve them (e g , to fix defects and adapt it to changes in requirements) Contrast with incremental
Using iteration; using a mechanism such as a loop
{s} repetitive; reiterative; marked by dreary repetition; that involves repetition; frequentative (Grammar)
A term used in research to refer to the repetition of a cycle of processes with an eye toward moving ever more closely toward desired results In EFF, the term is used to describe how EFF has progressively refined the concepts and components of EFF through research, feedback from customers and key system stakeholders, incorporation of research developments in related areas, and further feedback from customers (Merrifield, 2000, pp 4, 7-8 )
A system that takes a fairly simple encryption rule and applies it many times to obtain data security
Of a procedure that involves repetition of steps (iteration) to achieve the desired outcome
marked by tedious repetition
The repeated execution of a series of steps
Describing a procedure or process that repeatedly executes a series of operations until some condition is satisfied An iterative procedure may be implemented by a loop in a routine
a term used to describe a process in which some operation is performed repeatedly
iterative aspect
: The iterative aspect refers to a subclass of imperfective verbs that denotes a continuously repeated action. An example in English would be the iterative verb "to sniffle," as opposed to the noniterative "to sniff."
iterative and incremental development
Iterative and Incremental development is a cyclical software development process developed in response to the weaknesses of the waterfall model. It is an essential part of the Rational Unified Process, the Dynamic Systems Development Method, Extreme Programming and generally the agile software development frameworks
past iterative
A tense in the Lithuanian language that indicates complete iterative action in the past, similar to the English used to but with the possibility of the action still continuing in the present
past iterative
An alternative inflection of verbs used in the Epic (Homeric) dialect of Ancient Greek, having σκ inside the verb and the same meaning as aorist or imperfect verbs
in an iterative manner, in a repetitious manner
In an iterative manner; using iteration