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İngilizce - Türkçe
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İngilizce - İngilizce
The intellectual élite of a society (especially in nineteenth-century Poland, in Russia and later the Soviet Union)
This term is used to describe the scientific, literary, artistic and other intellectual members of society It is of Russian revolutionary origin, separating this group from the middle class (merchants, tradesmen, bankers, lawyers etc ) and the workers and peasants
The intelligentsia in a country or community are the most educated people there, especially those interested in the arts, philosophy, and politics. the intelligentsia the people in a society who are most highly educated and who are most interested in new ideas, especially in art, literature, or politics (intelligentsiya, from intelligentia )
an educated and intellectual elite
Educated class in Russia who formed the bulk of the leaders of most of the political parties
[in teli jent sEE uh, -gent-] Russian term denoting articulate intellectuals as a class; 19th century group bent on radical change in Russian political and social system; often wished to maintain a Russian culture distinct from that of the West (p 815)
The intellectual élite of a society (especially in pre-revolutionary Russia and nineteenth-century Poland)
{i} group of intellectuals, people involved in academic pursuits



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    /ənˌteləˈʤentsēə/ /ɪnˌtɛləˈʤɛntsiːə/


    [ in-"te-l&-'jen(t)-sE-& ] (noun.) 1907. From Russian интеллигенция (intelligéncija) or Polish inteligencja, from Latin intellegentia (“intelligence”).

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