intelligent agent

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İngilizce - İngilizce
Software that is given a particular mission, carries out that mission, and then reports back to the user
Software tools that help you find web sites The idea is that you provide it information about what you are interested in and the agent finds the information more "intelligently" that a search engine would
Also called an Internet agent Most commonly found on Web sites, this mini-program is designed to retrieve specific information automatically Agents rely on cookies to keep track of the user's preferences, store bookmarks and deliver news through push technology Intelligent agents can't perform their duties if the user's browser rejects cookies, and some Web pages (especially online ordering sites) will not function properly without the agent's information
A software entity that carries out a set of operations on behalf of a user with some degree of independence or autonomy, and in so doing, employs knowledge or representation of the user's goals or desires
A computer program that searches the Web in order to collect and assemble information from multiple online resources
Abbreviated to IA A program that performs tasks on behalf of a user, and adapts itself to a user's preference
(Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide) [definition #2] (Real Application Clusters Administration)
An automated network information gathering tool, which cruises the Internet, searching indexes and databases for the names of documents on subjects specified by the user Sometimes referred to as a Knowbot
A program that automates the task of finding information on the internet, perhaps delivering a list of news stories on a particular topic on the desktop every morning
An object within a server that performs various requests (such as HTTP, NNTP, SMTP, and FTP requests) on behalf of the user In a sense, the intelligent agent acts as a client to the server, making requests that the server fulfills
An application that monitors states or processes on a network node and contains logic enabling it to respond to these states or processes
agent that may contain introspection, planners, schedulers, rules, etc Some kinds of intelligent agents are
On the Internet, an intelligent agent (or simply an agent) is a program that gathers information or performs some other service without your immediate presence and on some regular schedule (See 99)
A program such as a query that, when launched, is capable of running without supervision and interacting with many databases, or system components over many networks to return the necessary result(s)
A software program that performs a human-style processing task, e g , upselling customer by suggesting additional products
(Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide; search in this book)
A process that runs on the machine that has the database you're trying to monitor The processes can run autonomously, perform administrative tasks reactively, and provide information to OEM
An intelligent agent is a semi-autonomous computer program capable of carrying out one or more tasks specified by the user You can think of an intelligent agent as a software ‘robot’ capable of being programmed to carry out a wide variety of tasks
Sophisticated software that can make decisions on its own based on what it knows about the user
intelligent agent


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