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İngilizce - İngilizce
Any of various devices that are used to inject something
The water is driven into the boiler by the impulse of a jet of the steam which becomes condensed as soon as it strikes the stream of cold water it impels; also called Giffard's injector, from the inventor
A contrivance for forcing feed water into a steam boiler by the direct action of the steam upon the water
a contrivance for injecting e
One who, or that which, injects
water into the boiler of a steam engine or particles into an accelerator etc
(see Dropper)
A device that propels fuel or propellant into a combustion chamber under pressure other than atmospheric See impinging-stream injector
a contrivance for injecting (e g , water into the boiler of a steam engine or particles into an accelerator etc )
{i} person or thing that injects; apparatus which injects water into a boiler; apparatus which injects fuel into an engine
The component in a diesel or gasoline fuel injection system that squirts fuel into the engine In gasoline engine applications, the injector is usually electrically triggered Varnish and dirt can build up in the nozzle opening restricting the flow of fuel Injectors can be cleaned by using various fuel additives In diesel engines, the injectors are mechanical and deliver fuel under very high pressure directly into the cylinders Clogging and leaking are two common problems with diesel injectors Dirty injectors can be cleaned with fuel additives but leaky injectors must be replaced
venturi injector
A component that utilizes venturi effect to inject a small amount of one fluid into the flow of another fluid. Used e.g. to inject fertilizer solution or other chemicals to water in irrigation systems
giffard injector
See under Injector
plural of injector



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    /ənˈʤektər/ /ɪnˈʤɛktɜr/


    [ in-'jekt ] (transitive verb.) 1601. Latin injectus, past participle of inicere, from in- + jacere to throw; more at JET.

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