information management

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İngilizce - Türkçe
bilgi yönetimi
information management system
bilgi yönetim sistemi
information management officer; International Maritime Organization
(Askeri) bilgi yönetim subayı; Uluslar Arası Denizcilik Teşkilatı
information management system; international military staff; international milit
(Askeri) bilgi yönetim sistemi; uluslar arası askeri personel; uluslar arası askeri standardizasyon
management information system
yönetim bilişim sistemi
management information
yönetim bilgi
management information systems
yönetim bilgi sistemleri
intelligence information management
(Askeri) istihbarat bilgi yönetimi
joint information management system
(Askeri) müşterek bilgi yönetim sistemi
mass fatality field information management system
(Askeri) felaket bölgesi bilgi yönetim sistemi
personal information management
kisisel bilgi yonetimi
psychological operations (PSYOP) management information subsystem
(Askeri) psikolojik harekat (PSYOP) yönetim bilgi tali sistemi
public financial management information system
(Avrupa Birliği) (PFMIS) Kamu Mali Yönetimi Bilişim Sistemi (KMYBS)
registrant information management system
(Askeri) hizmet kaydı bilgi yönetim sistemi
search and rescue management information system
(Askeri) arama ve kurtarma yönetim bilgi sistemi
senior information resources management official
(Askeri) kıdemli bilgi kaynakları yönetim yetkilisi
technical architecture framework for information management
(Askeri) bilgi yönetimi teknik mimari yapısı
theater Army medical management and information system
(Askeri) harekat alanı Kara Kuvvetleri tıbbi yönetim ve bilgi sistemi
İngilizce - İngilizce
The function of managing the organisation's information resources Includes creating, capturing, registering, classifying, indexing, storing, retrieving and disposing of records and developing strategies to manage records Also includes the acquisition, control and disposal of library and other information products, items kept for reference purposes, and the provision of services to internal and external customers, based on information resources Data administration, archival records and the handling of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests are also classified under this category
The skilful handling of knowledge in order to produce the desired results
A broader professional grouping for all activities and functions concerned with managing information, regardless of its nature or medium The records management and archives professions fit into this category
(OMB Circular A-130) The planning, budgeting, manipulating, and controlling of information throughout its life cycle
an imprecise term covering the various stages of information processing from production to storage and retrieval to dissemination towards the better working of an organisation; information can be from internal and external sources and in any format
The administration of information, its uses and transmission, and the application of theories and techniques of information science to create, modify, or improve information handling systems
The administration, use, and transmission of information and the application of theories and techniques of information science to create, modify, or improve information handling systems
The treatment of information as an asset to enhance an organization's competitiveness and responsiveness It results from effectively identifying, collecting, and analyzing information - and then directing it to the points of decision-making and customer service
A method used to organize information to avoid information overload and to keep information in a format that is efficient to retrieve whenever needed Filing systems, cognitive maps, manuals, and electronic databases are examples of devices that can prove useful in information management A network of consultants is an additional way to ensure that necessary information will be readily available
The management of the systems, activities, and data that allow information in a project to be effectively acquired, stored, processed, accessed, communicated, and archived There should be a valid audit trail of this communication process Projects generate and absorb significant quantities of information
The timely distribution of relevant, up-to-date to those who have the necessary authorisation to access it
The combination of systems, processes, and technology that an MCO uses to provide the company's information users with the information they need to carry out their job responsibilities
integrating information standards, processes, systems, and technology to enable the exchange of information among providers and users in order to support the management objectives of an organization; see also database management, knowledge management Gestion de l'information
The systematic use of collected and stored data to achieve specific ends Also known as IM or Informatics
An internal operation that arranges the firm’s information resources to support business performance and outcomes
The function of managing information as an enterprise resource, including planning, organizing and staffing, leading and directing, and controlling information Information management includes managing data as the enterprise knowledge infrastructure and information technology as the enterprise information technical infrastructure, and managing applications across business value chains
The integration of a variety of activities designed to manage information and information resources throughout their life-cycle Activities include planning, budgeting, organizing, directing, training, promoting, and controlling the information and information resources throughout the process of collecting, processing, transmitting, disseminating, and disposing of information (FEDSIM, 1993)
management information
Information for management decision-making
management information
Simplistically, exactly what it says However, true MI is used, indeed needed, to make informed decisions and much of what is produced and referred to as MI is useless for that purpose The repetitive production of data that appears to meet no specific management need should therefore always be vigorously questioned
management information
Français : Information, Tableau de bord de gestion Deutsch : Management Information
management information system
A computer system designed to help managers plan and direct business and organizational operations
information management


    in·for·ma·tion man·age·ment

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    înfôrmeyşın mänıcmınt


    /ənˈfôrˈmāsʜən ˈmanəʤmənt/ /ɪnˈfɔːrˈmeɪʃən ˈmænəʤmənt/

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