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İngilizce - İngilizce
To insert a morpheme inside an existing word
To instill
A morpheme inserted inside an existing word, such as -i- and -o- in English
To implant or fix; to instill; to inculcate, as principles, thoughts, or instructions; as, to infix good principles in the mind, or ideas in the memory
{i} element which is placed within the body of a word, affix that is placed in a word (Grammar)
To set; to fasten or fix by piercing or thrusting in; as, to infix a sting, spear, or dart
Something infixed
A way of writing mathematical expressions with the operators between the operands
put or introduce into something; "insert a picture into the text"
{f} fix in place, fasten; implant; instill
an affix that is inserted inside the word attach a morpheme into a stem word
For infixed operators, i e [/infix Symbol A1 A2] Only two elements may be linked by an operator Symbol must be SPF-atomic
attach a morpheme into a stem word
To insert a morpheme inside a word
an affix that is inserted inside the word
A morpheme inserted inside a word
A string (see there) that may occurs in any position within a word (see there) If an infix occurs in the beginning of a string, it's called prefix (see there), if it occurs at the end of a string, it's called suffix (see there) In a strict sense an infix may not occur at the beginning or end of a string)
infix notation
Notation where operators appear between operands, for example a+b
infix notation
a notation for forming mathematical expressions using parentheses and governed by rules of operator precedence; operators are dispersed among the operands
{v} to fix or drive in, fatten, implant
To infix





    [ 'in-"fiks, in-' ] (transitive verb.) 1502. Back-formation from Middle English infixed, stuck in, from Latin infixus, past participle of infigere, to fasten in.


    infixing, infixed

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