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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} para damgalama
basılmış resim
{f} damgalamak
{f} para damgalamak
{i} damgalama
İngilizce - İngilizce
an impression hammered or pressed (onto a coin)

This coin's incuse is of a most curious design.

hammered or pressed in (usually on a coin)

The back of the coin bears an incuse coat of arms.

To hammer or press (usually onto a coin)

There is a long tradition of monarchs having their own figure incused in their kingdom's coins.

The opposite of relief -- design elements are impressed into the surface
Cut or stamped in, or hollowed out by engraving
{i} design hammered or stamped in (on coins, in metal); act of stamping or hammering a figure on a coin
Design elements are impressed into the surface (opposite of relief)
This term refers to lettering or a design on a coin or medal which is struck below the surrounding field rather that the more usual practice of raising it above the surface
{f} cut or stamp; emboss; form by hammering
The design of a coin which has been impressed below the coin's surface When the design is raised above the coins surface it is said to be in relief
refers to designs or lettering that are impressed into a coin (instead of being raised) The best examples of this are the $2 5 and $5 Indian gold pieces issued from 1908-1929
A punched design on a coin that is recessed into the coin rather than protruding Incuses were used on many early and primarily Greek coins
{s} impressed; formed by hammering; embossed; stamped (as in old coins)
[numis] A technique in coinage where the picture is embbedded as opposed to relief
A marking technique used on porcelain insulators where the insulator is struck with a metal stamp while the porcelain is still in a plastic state before glazing or firing This is by far the most common porcelain marking technique The marking is actually recessed into the insulator See also: Embossed, Recess Embossed, Sand Blast, Under Glaze
A design element on a coin that has been stamped below the surface of the coin Opposite of raised design elements
To form, or mold, by striking or stamping, as a coin or medal
the part of a coin's design that is pressed into the surface





    [ in-'kyüz, -'kyüs ] (adjective.) 1818. From Latin incusus, past participle of incudere, from in- + cudere.

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