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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} yavaş yavaş hareket et
inch along yavaş yavaş hareket etmek
yavaş yavaş hareket etmek
(Askeri) burgata
inç 2,54 cm
{i} inç, parmak, 2,54 cm
barometredeki civayı bir pus yükseltecek hava basmcı
(Askeri) İNÇ: Bir fitin on ikide birinden ibaret bir uzunluk ölçüsü; 2.54 santime tekabül eder. Yazıda rakamın üstüne (") işareti konarak gösterilir
bir kademlik uzunluğun on ikide 2
uzunluk birimi (1 yard'ın 1/36'sına eşit olan bir uzunluk birimi. 1 inch tam olarak 1 metre'nin 1/39.37'ina eşittir)
54 cm
(Diş Hekimliği) bir ayak ( kadem ) uzunluğun onikide biri, ingiliz uzunluk ölçüsü bir birimi;2.54cm
inç,v.yavaş yavaş hareket et: n.inç
(fiil) yavaş yavaş hareket ettirmek
güçlükle ilerlemek

O kadar korktular ki bir inç hareket edemediler. - They were so frightened that they couldn't move an inch.

Bir araba kazası vardı ve trafik bir inç kımıldamadı. - There was a car accident and the traffic didn't move an inch.

güçlükle yol açmak
{f} yavaş yavaş hareket ettirmek
{i} az miktar
4 mm
inç = 25
inch in
Bir yere/bölgeye yavaş yavaş girmek
inch along
ağır aksak ilerlemek
inch by inch
ağır ağır
inch by inch
milim milim
inch by inch
azar azar
inch from death
ölümle burun buruna
inch along
yavaş yavaş ilerlemek
inch along
yavaş yavaş hareket ettirmek
inch by inch
yavaş yavaş
darbeli yol verme
cubic inch
cubic inch
inç küp 16,4 cm3
dots per inch
(Bilgisayar) inç başına nokta
dots per inch
every inch
(deyim) sapına kadar
every inch
every inch of
karış karış
give them an inch and they'll take a mile
(deyim) yüz verirsin astarını isterler
give them an inch and they'll take a mile
(deyim) elini ver kolunu kaptır
give them an inch and they'll take a mile
(deyim) elimizi verdik kolumuzu kaptırdık
lines per inch
(Bilgisayar) satır
lines per inch
satır / inç
lines per inch
(Bilgisayar) inç
pounds per square inch
basınç birimi
square inch
(Otomotiv) inçkare
bits per inch
by inch
ağır ağır
dots per inch
inç başına nokta sayısı
every inch
tepeden tırnağa
square inch
inç kare
tracks per inch
inç başına iz
bullf inch
bullf inç
come within an inch, ace of doing sth
bir şey yapmaya ramak kalmak
give an inch
taviz vermek
give someone an inch and they'll take a mile
(Atasözü) Elini veren kolunu kaptırır
lines per inch
not to budge an inch
bir inç odun değil
within an inch of his life
ölümüne ramak kalmış
bits per inch
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) inç başına bit miktarı
by a fraction of an inch
kıl payı
characters per inch
İnç Başına Karakter Sayısı
characters per inch
İnç Başına Damga Sayısı
characters per inch
(CPI) Karakter/İnç
come within an inch of
kıl payı kalmak
cubic inch
inç küp (16,4 cm3)
cubic inch displacement
inçküp yerdeğiştirme
cubic inch displacement
(Otomotiv) inç küp yer değiştirme
if you give him an inch
yüz bulunca astar ister

Buz iki inç kalınlığında. - The ice is two inches thick.

Yaklaşık dört inç kanat genişliğine sahiptir. - It has a wingspan of about four inches.

know every inch of
karış karış bilmek
know every inch of a place
karış karış bilmek
tons per inch immersion
beher pus batma tonu
tons per inch immersion
(Askeri) bir santim batma tonası
within an inch of
pek yakın
within an inch of his
ölümüne ramak kalmış
İngilizce - İngilizce
To move very slowly (in a particular direction)

Fearful of falling, he inched along the window ledge.

A unit of length equal to one-twelfth of a foot and equivalent to exactly 2.54 centimetres
A very short distance

Don't move an inch!.

The amount of water which would cover a surface to the depth of an inch, used as a measurement of rainfall
Measuring an inch in any dimension, whether length, breadth, or thickness; used in composition; as, a two-inch cable; a four-inch plank
advance slowly, as if by inches; "He edged towards the car"
To inch somewhere or to inch something somewhere means to move there very slowly and carefully, or to make something do this. a climber inching up a vertical wall of rock He inched the van forward An ambulance inched its way through the crowd
The twelfth part of a foot, equal to 2 54 cm
A standard unit of measurement equal to 6 picas or 72 points Normally used by design clients and printers
{f} move along very slowly, creep, edge
emphasis If you say that someone looks every inch a certain type of person, you are emphasizing that they look exactly like that kind of person. He looks every inch the City businessman
54 cm (see metre). David I of Scotland ( 1150) defined the inch as the breadth of a man's thumb at the base of the nail; usually the thumb breadths of three men one small, one medium, and one large were added and then divided by three. During the reign of England's Edward II, the inch was defined as "three grains of barley, dry and round, placed end to end lengthwise." At various times it has also been defined as the combined lengths of 12 poppy seeds. See also foot; International System of Units; measurement; metric system
Imperial unit of linear measure: 1/12 of a foot (exactly 25 4mm)
A measure of length, the twelfth part of a foot, commonly subdivided into halves, quarters, eights, sixteenths, etc
measure of length used in the United States for small size objects or distances -- "So the 6'5" man is six inches taller than the 5'11" man " (230)
It is also sometimes called a prime (′), composed of twelve seconds (′′), as in the duodecimal system of arithmetic
To advance or retire by inches or small degrees; to move slowly
It was also formerly divided into twelve parts, called lines, and originally into three parts, called barleycorns, its length supposed to have been determined from three grains of barley placed end to end lengthwise
a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
One inch (1") is 25 4mm The inch is the commonly used measure in electronics, mostly 1/10" or 1/20" of distance is found for pin distances of components
as among mechanics
Unit of measure equal to 1/12 a foot Standard unit of measure for the United States
To drive by inches, or small degrees
a measurement unit of length equal to 1/12 of a foot or 2 54 centimeters, abbreviation is in ; (2) to move the printing action of a press or other equipment slowly or in small increments for adjustment
emphasis If someone or something moves inch by inch, they move very slowly and carefully. The car moved forward inch by inch. A small island. to move very slowly in a particular direction, or to make something do this. Unit of measure equal to 1/36 yard and since 1959 defined officially as
a unit of measurement for advertising space
An inch is defined as precisely 2 54 centimeters (cm ; there are 100 cm in a meter, 1 cm = 01 m ) 12 inches to a foot, 3 ft to a yard, 5280 ft to a mile, and 6080 ft to a nautical mile The length of a football field is 300 ft or 100 yards
An island; often used in the names of small islands off the coast of Scotland, as in Inchcolm, Inchkeith, etc
An inch is an imperial unit of length, approximately equal to 2.54 centimetres. There are twelve inches in a foot. 18 inches below the surface
A small distance or degree, whether of time or space; hence, a critical moment
(noun) A unit of linear measurement in the English system equal to 2 54cm One twelfth of a foot, one thirty-sixth of a yard
A unit of length The inch may have originally been defined as the width of a person's thumb (pressed down) at the base of the nail H Arthur Klein, in The World of Measurement (p 54) quotes a proclamation attributed to King David I of Scotland (about 1150 C E )
1" (Inch) = 2 54 cm
{i} unit of measurement, 1/12 of a foot (equal to 2.54 cm); little bit, iota, small amount
To deal out by inches; to give sparingly
Exactly 2 540 centimeters
perfectly measured
inch along
move slowly
inch by inch
little by little, gradually
in for an inch, in for a mile
Given that one is partly involved in or committed to a project, action, position, etc., there is no reason to refrain from becoming fully involved or fully committed

I soon found the water lapping at my toes so I figured, “in for an inch, in for a mile” and continued on in after the oystercatcher.

characters per inch
A unit of measurement of the number of typographic characters that fit on a one inch line of printed type. This unit is mainly used to specify font sizes that have the same width for each character (monospaced), however it may also be used to give an average for fonts with characters of varying widths

Please use a type that is 10 characters per inch.

characters per inch
A unit of measurement of the amount of characters per inch ("linear packing density") when storing data on certain types of magnetic media or tape, used to measure storage density that recoding medium possesses
column inch
One inch of a printed column; a measure of space allocated
cubic inch
A unit of volume equal to that of a cube with each edge one inch long
dots per inch
The measure of a number of pixels per inch used in a graphic or supported by a digital display device, used to specify type or image resolution

My printer prints at 300 dots per inch.

every inch
totally, completely
To pinch, to steal
Simple past tense and past participle of inch
Having the length of a certain number of inches
square inch
A unit of area (abbreviation sq in or sq. in. or '''in2) equal to the area of a square the sides of which are each one inch long
united inch
A unit of measurement of window frames, treating the combined width and height in inches as a single measure of length
Having or measuring (so many) inches; as, a four-inched bridge
past of inch
third-person singular of inch
plural of inch
present participle of inch
{n} the twelfth part of a foot, a small piece
{v} to drive, take, give or retreat by inches
pound-force per square inch
The pound per square inch or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (symbol: psi or lbf/sq in) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units. It is the pressure resulting from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch: 1 lbf/sq in ¡Ö 6,894.757 Pa (the SI unit of pressure)
acre inch
one twelfth of an acre-foot
bits per inch
Number of bits that can be recorded on one inch of track on a floppy disk 5 6
bits per inch
a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium
bits per inch
Bits Per Inch (BPI) refers to the density measurement in which data are recorded on magnetic media, usually magnetic tape
bits per inch
  A unit used to express the linear bit density of data in storage   Note:   The abbreviation "bpi" is not in accordance with international standards, and is therefore deprecated
bits per inch
The number of bits (binary digits) that a tape or disk can store per inch of length
bits per inch
is the number of bits that can be written onto one inch of a track on a disk surface Usually specified for worst case, which is the inner track
column inch
a unit of measurement for advertising space
cubic inch
the volume equal to a cube one inch on each side
dots per inch
unit of measurement for the resolution of graphic devices such as scanners and printers
every inch
in every way; completely; "he was every inch a statesman
every inch
all the parts, each bit, each and every solitary portion
every inch of one
completely, totally
give him an inch and he will take an ell
if no limits are placed upon him he will take everything
give him an inch and he'll take a mile
if you give him even a small amount he will want everything, if you allow him even a little freedom it will be impossible to control him
pounds per square inch
a unit of pressure
square inch
unit for measuring area, area of a square which has the length of each side equal to one inch
square inch
a unit of area equal to one inch by one inch square
water inch
Same as Inch of water, under Water
within an inch of
very close to -
within an inch of one's life
very close to death, nearly dead

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    /ˈənʧ/ /ˈɪnʧ/


    [ 'inch ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Old English ynce, from Latin uncia (“twelfth part”).


    inches, inching, inched

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    inch up


    ... In the same way that Newton found a one inch equation that governed the motion of the planets, ...
    ... in the same way that Maxwell discovered a one inch equation that unlocked the secret ...

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