iki kez kontrol etme

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Türkçe - İngilizce
double check
A situation in which a king is attacked by two of the opponent's men at once
to check again; to check with extra caution or attention; to verify or make sure

I'm pretty sure that he's not coming, but I can double check the guest list.

A discovered attack where both the moving piece and the uncovered piece attack the enemy king See the lesson on Discovered Attacks
The piece that moves ends up guarding the king, but its movement also exposes check by another piece as well See also: check, exposed check
something that checks the correctness of a previous check
A discovered check wherein the both the moved piece and the revealed piece give check simultaneously The only way to escape a double check is for the King to move
inspect or check again, look over a second time, check twice
two checks given by the same; a discovery in which both the moving and stationary units give check
iki kez kontrol etme