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İngilizce - Türkçe
Hidroelektrik enerji
hydroelectric power
hidroelektrik güç
hydroelectric power
su-elektrik gücü
İngilizce - İngilizce
hydroelectric power
Electricity or mechanical energy produced by the conversion of energy from falling water Sometimes used to refer only to the production of electricity from falling water See Hydroelectric power
The production of electricity by the action of moving water falling on a turbine generator
power or electricity that is produced by means of the force of moving water The fall and flow of water is part of a continuous cycle The sun draws moisture up from the oceans and rivers, and this moisture condenses into clouds The moisture is released from the clouds in the form of rain or snow The oceans and rivers are replenished with moisture, and the cycle starts again Gravity causes the water in rivers and streams to move from places of high ground to places of low ground The force of moving water can be quite great, as anyone who has been white water rafting knows Hydroelectric plants (or hydro plants) use modern turbine generators to produce electricity from the energy produced from falling water
Power produce by falling water
Getting power by utilizing water such as dams
Electrical energy generated from the movement of water
production of energy using water
Using the energy in flowing water to make electricity
(hydr) POWER produced by falling water The term is used to identify a type of electricity-generating station or any energy output in which the main mover is driven by FLOWing water F - puissance hydraulique S - potencia hidraulica
energy or power produced by moving water
energy from flowing water used for mechanical purposes or for electricity production
the production of electricity by harnessing the power of flowing water, usually through the use of a waterwheel



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    /ˈhīdrōˌpour/ /ˈhaɪdroʊˌpaʊr/

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