howard dietz

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İngilizce - İngilizce
born Sept. 9, 1896, New York, N.Y., U.S. died July 30, 1983, New York City U.S. songwriter. He studied at Columbia University and later joined an advertising agency, where he designed the trademark roaring lion for Goldwyn Pictures (later MGM). He joined the film studio in 1919 and became director of advertising, a post he held until 1957. From 1923 he wrote lyrics in his spare time. In 1929 he met the composer Arthur Schwartz (1900-84); the duo established their reputation with The Little Show and went on to write such Broadway shows as Three's a Crowd (1930), The Band Wagon (1931), and The Gay Life (1961). Dietz wrote about 500 songs; the Dietz-Schwartz collaborations include "Something to Remember You By," "Dancing in the Dark," and "You and the Night and the Music
howard dietz


    How·ard dietz

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    hauırd dits


    /ˈhouərd ˈdēts/ /ˈhaʊɜrd ˈdiːts/

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