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İngilizce - İngilizce
A patronymic English surname derived from a variant of Hubert
The state capital of Tasmania (Australia), named for a Lord Hobart
The state capital of Tasmania (Australia)
City (pop., 2001: 191,169), chief port, and capital, Tasmania, Australia. Located on the Derwent River estuary at the base of Mount Wellington, Hobart is Tasmania's largest and Australia's most southerly city. Established in 1803, it became a major port for ships whaling in the southern oceans. Its lack of natural resources limited its development. It now has a deepwater port, rail lines, and an airport, making it a focus of communications and trade. The city is the site of Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals and the first Jewish synagogue in Australia (built 1843-45)
An English surname
a port and state capital of Tasmania