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İngilizce - İngilizce
A recluse; someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship
A religious recluse; someone who lives alone for religious reasons; an eremite
A spiced cookie made with molasses, raisins, and nuts
{n} a solitary devout person, a recluse, a crab
A hermit (from the Greek ēremos, signifying "desert", "uninhabited", hence "desert-dweller"; adjective: "eremitic") is a person who lives to some greater or lesser degree in seclusion from society
one who lives in solitude
[church] From 'dweller in the wilderness' A self-imposed conditon of life, an ascetic
(The English) Roger Crab He subsisted at the expense of three farthings a week, or 3s 3d per annum His food consisted of bran, herbs, roots, dock-leaves, mallows, and grass Crab died in 1680
A hermit is a person who lives alone, away from people and society. someone who lives alone and has a simple way of life, usually for religious reasons recluse (eremite, from eremites , from eremos ). or eremite Individual who shuns society to live in solitude, often for religious reasons. The first Christian hermits appeared in Egypt in the 3rd century AD, escaping persecution by withdrawing to the desert and leading a life of prayer and penance. The first hermit was probably Paul of Thebes AD 250. Other famous hermits included St. Anthony of Egypt, who established an early form of Christian monasticism in the 4th century, and the pillar hermit Simeon Stylites. The communal life of monasteries eventually tempered the austerities of the hermit's life. In Western Christianity the eremitic life died out, but it has persisted in Eastern Christianity
individuals following a religious vocation which involved isolation and the practice of asceticism
A spiced molasses cooky, often containing chopped raisins and nuts
The hermit is written () It is a void value that can be returned from a function that has no useful return information or to pass to a function that has no information passed to it Value () is called the hermit because it is the only member of its species The species of () is also written () See E3
(see Anchorite)
{i} loner; one who lives apart from people
A beadsman; one bound to pray for another
one retired from society for religious reasons
A person who retires from society and lives in solitude; a recluse; an anchoret; especially, one who so lives from religious motives
An old-fashioned chewy cookie made with chopped fruits, nuts, and molasses or brown sugar Recipe: Honey Hermits
hermit crab
A type of crab species which salvages empty seashells or other portable objects to permanently shelter and protect their soft abdomens
hermit crabs
plural form of hermit crab
hermit crab
small soft-bodied marine crustaceans living in cast-off shells of gastropods
hermit crab
{i} crab that has no hard shell that lives in empty seashells of gastropods
hermit crab
Any of various crabs belonging to a group within the order Decapoda that protect their soft unarmored abdomens by occupying and carrying about the empty shells of snails or other univalve mollusks. a kind of crab that lives in the empty shells of other sea creatures. Any crab (families Paguridae and Coenobitidae) that uses empty shells or other hollow objects as a shelter for partial containment and protection of the body. They are found worldwide in sandy-or muddy-bottomed waters and occasionally on land and in trees. They have two pairs of antennae and four pairs of legs; the first pair of legs is modified to form pincers, shaped to cover the shell entrance when the animal is inside. As the crab grows, it periodically leaves its shell and finds a larger one to occupy. The reddish brown large hermit crab (Pagurus pollicaris; 4-5 in., or 10-12 cm, long) and the small hermit crab (P. longicarpus) are found in North American Atlantic coastal waters
hermit thrush
A North American bird (Catharus guttatus) having brownish plumage, a spotted breast, a reddish tail, and a distinctive melodious song
hermit thrush
North American thrush noted for its complex and appealing song
an hermit
{n} solitary
A hermit
A hermit
A hermit
A hermit
Peter the Hermit
French monk and preacher of the First Crusade (1095) who founded (c. 1100) the Augustinian monastery of Neufmoutier in Belgium. born 1050, probably Amiens died July 8, 1115, Huy, Flanders French ascetic and one of the most important preachers of the First Crusade. A charismatic ascetic, he preached widely in Europe in support of the First Crusade and led his enthusiastic followers to Constantinople in 1096. They advanced to Nicomedia, but Peter was unable to maintain discipline; he returned to Constantinople to ask for help from Alexius I, and in his absence his army was annihilated by the Turks. Peter reached Jerusalem in 1099 and afterwards returned to France, where he became prior of an Augustinian monastery
plural of hermit
Türkçe - İngilizce
hermit matris
(Bilgisayar,Matematik) hermitian matrix
hermit elemanı
(Matematik) hermitian element
hermit eşleniği
(Matematik) hermitian conjugate
hermit formu
(Matematik) hermitian form