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İngilizce - İngilizce
A large tuba whose coils fit around the player's shoulders
{i} mountain in south central Greece which was the dwelling place of Apollo and the Muses in ancient Greece
{i} bass tuba worn around the shoulder which is used mainly in military or marching bands
A mountain in Bœotia, in Greece, supposed by the Greeks to be the residence of Apollo and the Muses
The Muses' Mount It is part of the Parnassos, a mountain range in Greece Helicon's harmonious stream is the stream which flowed from Helicon to the fountains of the Muses, called Aganippe and Hippocrene (3 syl )
A type of tuba, which has a helical, or spiral, shape and passes around the player's body The sousaphone is a modified helicon
A large tuba whose coils fit around the players shoulders
a tuba that coils over the shoulder of the musician
Mount Helicon
Mountain, east-central Greece, part of the Helicon range, a continuation of the higher Parnassus range. Located near the Gulf of Corinth, it is 5,738 ft (1,749 m) high. It was celebrated by the ancient Greeks as the home of the Muses; on it were the fountains of Aganippe and Hippocrene, the supposed sources of poetic inspiration
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    /ˈheləˌkän/ /ˈhɛlɪˌkɑːn/


    [ 'he-l&-"kän, -i-k& ] (noun.) 1875. probably from Greek helik-, helix + English -on ; from its tube's forming a spiral encircling the player's body.

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